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Different instrument use in measuring the wind?


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We can use wind socks and wind vanes to evaluate the wind direction and anemometers to measure the wind speed.


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It's used for measuring wind speed.

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There are many instruments for measuring speed but I am not aware of any for measuring velocity.

We can use windsocks and wind wanes.

A Psychrometer or a hygrometer.

We use a thermometer to measure temperature.

Measuring tape, if you call it instrument :)

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The wind direction is measured with wind vanes or wind socks. The wind speed is measured with an anemometer.

There are many. Though the ones most commonly used are the ruler and the measuring stick.

For the sun: solarimeter. For the wind: # direction: wind sock or wind vane # speed: anemometer

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Wind speed is measured with anemometers.

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