Different types of wool and the sheep?

Sheep Breeds-loosely grouped by wool types Fine Wool Merino Delaine Merino Rambouillet requires careful preparation Debouillet good for the softest, "next to the skin" garments Booroola Merino Cormo Shetland Medium Wool Suffolk Dorset Oxford Hampshire Shropshire Southdown Jacob Clun Forest good beginner fleeces Tunis used most often for mittens, hats, Finnish Landrace (Finnsheep) sweaters, gloves and jackets Polworth Perendale Navajo Churro (those listed below are also known as Crossbreed) Columbia Panama Romeldale Targhee Corriedale Montadale Longwool Romney Lincoln Cotswold Leicester Border Leicester good for outer garments Coopworth lend themselves to worsted yarns Lincoln Longwool Teeswater Wensleydale Shetland Coarsewool/mountain Karakul Cheviot Scottish Blackface Welsh Mountain used for hardwearing fabrics and rugs Black Welsh Mountain Rough Fell Swaledale
Recommended Wools For Specific Yarns (Remember, these are just recommendations, not rules set in stone!) For soft yarn, Fine: Merino, Southdown, fine Romney, Corriedale,Shetland Medium: Corriedale, Perendale, Romney, Shetland For thick, bulky yarn: Cheviot, Perendale, Southdown, or fine Romney For shiny yarn: long-stapled lustrous breeds such as Leicester, Coopworth, or Romney For dull yarn: Cheviot, Southdown. For hard yarn: Lincoln, Leicester, Coopworth, strong Romney. For smooth yarn: long-stapled fleece from Romney, Leicester, or Coopworth.