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Wool is a natural fibre that is made into many types of products including clothing, accessories, bedding and more.

What is wool?

Any type of certain fiber, such as cotton or flax, prepared after a special process. Also, a sheep/lamb/goat's hair. . I would say that the word "wool" refers to fiber made from sheep's fleece (or hair). Other animals fur can be used to make yarns, but then they most often would be referred to i ( Full Answer )

Is a gossamer a type of shawl knitted from one ply wool?

Gossamer is a word that means light weight and airy, such as lace. It is also the name of a type of yarn produced by the Knit Picks yarn company, which is a fine, light weight, single strand yarn. There is also a knitting store in Oregon called Gossamer, The Knitting Place. To answer your questio ( Full Answer )

What types of wool are there?

fine, white, large, warm, cotton, fuzzy, young, clean, flat, one, strong, flat, coarse, special, small, beautiful ;p :p ;) :)

When was the Wool Products Labeling Act established?

The Wool Products Labeling Act was established in 1939 to protect consumers from unrevelaed presence of substitutes or mixtures of fiber.. The act was then ammended in 1984.. The Wool Products Labeling Act was established in 1939 to protect consumers from unrevelaed presence of substitutes or mixt ( Full Answer )

How do you get wool?

You could get wool by shearing a sheep. Wool is like the hair of a sheep.

How do I clean a product made of wool felt material?

"Clean felt by wiping it with a dry sponge; for a more thorough treatment, hold the material over the steam from a teakettle, brushing lightly with a dry sponge or lint-free cloth to smooth the surface. " http://home.howstuffworks.com/how-to-clean-natural-fabrics.htm

How did you get wool?

Wool is called fleece when it starts. You shear it off of a lamb or sheep. This is done once or twice a year, depending on the type of sheep and where they live. Shearing is just a short hair cut for the sheep, and if it is done correctly, it doesn't harm the sheep at all. After the fleece is cut o ( Full Answer )

How many types of wool are there?

There are many different types of commercial wool available for knitting and crocheting. The types can be pure wool or wool blends. Each type of wool varies by the animal that the wool comes from (sheep, goats, alpaca, etc.), the grade/quality of the wool, how the wool was prepared/spun, and if the ( Full Answer )

What products can wool be made into?

Wool can be made into many things: • Gloves • Scarves • Knit wear • Some furniture • and lots more! Hope this helped =-)!wktgsjxug

What is productivity types of productivity?

Productivity is how much stuff you are able to get done withoutdistractions. This can be in terms of how much work or homework orcleaning you can accomplish.

Where do you buy felting wool the type that you can use for needle felting?

Nearly any type of wool can be needle felted but certain types work better than others. Wool in batting form (sheets of wool that resembles quilt batting) works the best for sculptural needle felting but it can be harder to find than wool for traditional felting or spinning - also known as roving or ( Full Answer )

Different types of wool and the sheep?

Sheep Breeds-loosely grouped by wool types. Fine Wool. Merino. Delaine Merino. Rambouillet requires careful preparation. Debouillet good for the softest, "next to the skin" garments. Booroola Merino. Cormo. Shetland. Medium Wool. Suffolk. Dorset. Oxford. Hampshire. Shropshire. Southdo ( Full Answer )

What type of wool sheep produce?

All wool sheep produce wool. Some wool sheep are prized for their fine wool production and softness of wool such as the merino, southdown, baby doll and shetland. Other are prized for their meat production including the Suffolk, Doper, St. Croix and Doper. When push comes to shove, no matter the pur ( Full Answer )

What type of sheep produces the best quality wool?

One of the most highly regarded wool sheep is the merino. Other breeds prized for their soft wool are the baby doll and shetland. The southdown and corrindale are also used.

What type of clothing is wool suitable for?

Wool is used for Suits, men and women's, coats, socks, hunting and outdoor wear, blankets and lap blankets. It is not suitable for children's wear, except for a coat, because they can be severely allergic to wool. Most wool is woven as a blend with another fiber. It allows the wool to be more viable ( Full Answer )

What type of wool does sheep give?

There are so many different types of sheep as well as different quality or property among them it would be impossible or at least to big a job to answer the question here. Therefore by going to the related link( The classes of Wool ) below.you should be able to get a reasonable answer.

What type of wool are there?

Type of wool depends on the measurement of the wool's diameter in microns and also its style. . microns . Carpet wools: 35-45 microns

Why is sheep wool production so important?

Because people need to wear clothes, and anything that is made of wool or with wool, no matter if it's from sheep or alpaca, can be made into something that all humans can wear. Besides, if sheep aren't shorn in the spring leading to summer, they will get sick from heat exhaustion and heat stress fr ( Full Answer )

Is viscose a type of wool?

No. Viscose is a man-made fibre, made from regenerated wool cellulose. Wool is fabricated from animal fleece.

Can you get nylon type of wool?

If you mean a thin wool, yes, you can purchase fingering weight, lace weight or thread weight wool. Indeed, nylon is made from petroleum. Wool comes from animal fleece that has been cleaned, carded and spun.

What type of bond holds steel wool together?

A physical bond. Steel wool is composed of fine fibers of steel spun together to hold shape as a "bun" of fibers, but its merely a loose physical bond.

What type of wool is known as shahtoosh and why it is banned?

Shahtoosh is the name given to a specific kind of shawl, which is woven with the down hair of the Tibetan antelope by the weavers of Kashmir. Shahtoosh is banned under the agreement, illegal hunting and selling of Shahtoosh is still a serious problem in Tibet.

What products have wool in them?

In addition to clothing, wool has been used for blankets, horse rugs, saddle cloths, carpeting, felt, wool insulation (also see links) and upholstery. Wool felt covers piano hammers, and it is used to absorb odors and noise in heavy machinery and stereo speakers. Ancient Greeks lined their helmets w ( Full Answer )

What type of products are tru green products?

"TruGreen are lawn care products which are registered and approved by the EPA. Products containing allergens, known or probable human carcinogins (as defined by the EPA and the National Toxicology Program), or products known or thought likely to leach into ground water are not approved."

What type of substance is steel wool?

Steel wool is an alloy of iron, with carbon content (and other elements) as needed for the particular characteristics, such as strength and brittleness. It is a spun mesh of steel wires, (again,) said mesh being designed for the particular application.

Is the production of wool good for sheeps?

It is very good. They usually shave them in the summer so they can cool off. They grow all back by winter. Does not hurt them, it basically like getting a haircut for them like we would

Do you need a specific type of water to traditionally dye wool?

No. What I do to die wool (or wool yarn) is take coolade powder and mix it in with some water. Let the wool yarn sit in the juice until it has the color you want. Then hang it on a clothesline to dry COMPLETELY. Hope this helps you, good luck.

Which products are manufactured by Rock Wool UK?

Rock Wool provides insulation products for construction, specializing in "stone wool" technology, which can withstand temperatures up to about 800 degrees Celcius. Products may be used for floors, roofs, walls, etc.

What type of wool does yak give?

Yak -- like all fleece-bearing animals -- produces the source material for wool. Yak wool is extremely fine and soft. You can read more, below.

How would you define type of wools?

The types of natural wool can be fine, soft curly or wavy hair fromthe fleece of a sheep, or from the coat of a goat, llama, orsimilar animal.

Why is Australia famous for the production of wool?

Sheep are extremely adaptable animals, and can cope with poorgrazing on dryer land than, say, cattle. The Australians realisedthe sensible way to go and now there is a large wool industry.