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Q: Differentiate between Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve?
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Difference between wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve?

Wildlife Sanctuary = areas where animals are protected from any disturbance to them and their habitat. Biosphere Reserve = large areas of protected land for conservation of wildlife , plant and animal resources and traditional life of tribal living in that area.

Difference between biosphere reserves and wildlife sanctuaries?

A biosphere reserve allows limited economic activity and living laboratories. A wildlife sanctuary is a protected area where limited human activity is allowed.

What is the difference between bio reserve and wild life sanctuary?

A wildlife sanctuary can be anywhere, managed by anyone or any group. "Man and Biosphere Reserve" is a designation given by UNESCO.

What is the better between a zoo and wildlife sanctuary?

harry prebble

What is the difference between biosphere reserves wildlife sanctuaries and national parks?

A national park is a large area where one or several ecosystems exist and where animal species are kept for special educative and recreative interests and Wildlife sanctuary is similar to national park,but is dedicated to protect wildlife

What is the difference between wildlife sanctuary and Safari?

A Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected forest where wild animals live without danger of human hunting/poaching. The whole area is protected by rangers and the animals that live in the sanctuary are constantly monitored. A Wildlife Safari is like a tour where one or more wildlife rangers and tourist guides take us for a trip through the jungle either in the day or night. This is different than seeing animals in the zoo because you see them in their natural habitat.

What is the relationship between the atmosphere and the biosphere?

The relationship between atmosphere and biosphere is that biosphere is a part of atmosphere.

What is the difference between biosphere and atmosphere?

A biosphere is biodegradeable.

What are the relationship between Biosphere and Hydrosphere?

the hydrosphere is in the biosphere

The differentiate between ethics and law?

The differentiate between ethics and law?

What is the difference between biosphere and biodiversity?

The biosphere is the volume in which biodiversity happens.

What is the dissimilarity between zoo and wildlife sanctuary?

In the zoo, the states are not suitable. In the zoo, Animals are living in the false setting instead of there natural habitat, they are at ease in there natural habitat.

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differentiate between general and specific reserve?

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He could not differentiate between what was right or wrong.

The difference between biosphere and ecosystem?

A biosphere is a self contained self perpetuating system and a ecosystem is a cyclic subsystem of that biosphere.

What are all the wildlife Sanctuary national Park biosphere reserves in India?

List of Biosphere ReservesBiosphere reserves of India (area wise) YearNameLocationStateTypeArea (km²)11989Gulf of MannarIndian part of Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri LankaTamil NaduCoasts1050021989SunderbansPart of delta of Ganges and Barahamaputra river systemWest BengalGangetic Delta963031988Nanda DeviParts of Chamoli District, Pithoragarh District & Almora DistrictUttranchalWest Himalayas586041986Nilgiri Biosphere ReservePart of Wynad, Nagarhole, Bandipur and Mudumalai, Nilambur, Silent Valley and Siruvani HillsTamil Nadu, Kerala and KarnatakaWestern Ghats552051998Dehang DebangPart of Siang and Debang valleyArunachal PradeshEast Himalayas511261999Pachmarhi Biosphere ReserveParts of Betul District, Hoshangabad District and Chhindwara DistrictMadhya PradeshSemi-Arid492671994SimlipalPart of Mayurbhanj districtOrissaDeccan Peninsula437482005Achanakamar - AmarkantakPart of Annupur, Dindori and Bilaspur districtsMadhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh383591989ManasPart of Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon, Barpeta, Nalbari, Kamrup and Darrang DistrictAssamEast Himalayas2837102000KanchanjungaParts of Kanchanjunga HillsSikkimEast Himalayas2620112001Agasthyamalai Biosphere ReserveNeyyar, Peppara and Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary and their adjoining areasKeralaWestern ghats1701121989Great Nicobar Biosphere ReserveSouthern most islands of Andaman and Nicobar IslandsAndaman and Nicobar IslandsIslands885131988NokrekPart of Garo HillsMeghalayaEast Himalayas820141997Dibru-SaikhowaPart of Dibrugarh District and Tinsukia DistrictAssamEast Himalayas765

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What is the difference between geosphere and biosphere?

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Biosphere is only living! Community is both not living and living!