Diffusion is very effective over very short distances?


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Diffusion is very effective over very short distances.

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distance involved =diffusion at short distances occurs at a greater rate than diffusion at long distances area involved= diffusion over short distance occurs at a greater rate than diffusion over long distances Barriers=thicker barriers slow down rates of diffusion

It is TRUE!! Diffusion of materials over long distances is fast

The Quarter Horse has been clocked at 55mph and is the fastest horse over short distances.

The quickest and cheapest form of transport over short distances is the elevator

Gravity is the most effective over long distances.

Over short distances. Glasses work better over long distances.

These organisms use simple diffusion as a transport mechanism.This is possible because of the small size of the organisms. Diffusion is effective over small distances but as size increases it becomes less and less efficient.

Local Winds blow over short distances.They are caused by the unequal heating of the Earth's surface within a small area.

The force that is most effective over the longest distances are nuclear forces. Strong nuclear forces and weak nuclear forces. Gravity is the weakest of the four.

over short distances - the cheetah

Gravitational force can act 'at a distance'; it shows little variation over short distances, but does vary over larger distances.

Axons are poor conductors of electricity. This is because they are short as 0.01 mm to 1 mm. Current encounter resistance when travelling over shorter distances.

Cells are small because diffusion is less efficient over longer distances and takes longer

Giraffes do run. While running the giraffe can reach speeds of up to 35 mph over short distances and 10 mph over long distances.

Yes, humans can smell blood over short distances.

No - it works better over short distances.

Over short distances (up to about a quarter mile) it is the American Quarter Horse. For medium distances (up to about 3 miles) the Thoroughbred tends to be the fastest. Over very very long distances (over 5 miles) it is the Arabian.

In terms of how fast they can run, the rhino is faster. Rhinos can generally run 40 to 45 mph for short distances versus the hippo's 19 mph over short distances.

Over short distances, the Cheetah is the fastest land animal.

The quarter horse is for short distances, but not for races over a mile.

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