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Which is the most efficient mode of transportation road air sea or rail?

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This depends on arrival information Time...When does it have to be there and far away and Size of items involved Long distance short time small item AIR long time long distance large item rail or sea Short time Medium distance items up to 50,000 lbs TRUCK IT

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What is the most popular type of transportation in Brazil?

The main mode of transport is rail or bus.

What are railroads used to transport?

Railroads are a low-cost mode of transportation for large quantities of heavy and bulky items. Since rail lines are stationary, other forms of transportation move goods to and from the rail site.

What are key sources of army transportation?

The key sources of army transportation include seas, air rail and road. The mode of transport to be used would be determined by the mission at hand.

What mode of transportation is mainly used in china?

could well be electric cycles, with 18 million sold by the end of 2006. Ofther than that rail is the major mode of transport

What kind of transportation is used around the great rift valley?

Railways is the main mode of transportation used around the Great Rift Valley. The rail is used for both cargo and passengers.

What mode of transport is most popular in UK?

It is still the car - but Rail is having a renaissance

Rail Transportation ?

form_title=Rail Transportation form_header=Traveling via rail transportation is the fast and cost effective way to travel. Find a rail service to connect you to your destination. Will this be a one-way trip or round trip?= () One-way () Round trip Where will you be leaving from?=_

What is the most popular form of transport in China?

Rail transportation is the most common form of LONG DISTANCE transport in China.

What type of transportation do they have in Oklahoma?

Road, rail, air.. public transportation would be a bit more restricted to your heavily populated areas (as it is in most other states).

Ways of transportation?

Transportation modes shall include by road, rail, water, air and also pipe transportation.

What hazmat transport mode is waybill?


What do people in Mexico City use for transportation?

Most people use public transportation, being bus, subway, light rail and trolleybus the most common modes of transport. Also private transportation - cars, motorcycles, SUVs - is very common.

What is the main way of transportation in Hungary?

Rail and road.

Why was improved transportation for Industrial Revolution?

Rail roads

What transportation systems do brass get transported by?

By truck or rail.

What is the main transportation in France?

- the main transportation is train because they have a very large rail system

How are avocados transported from Mexico to Canada?

Usual means of transportation include sea, car and rail transportation.

What types of transportation does Louisiana have?

Road, rail, river, and air.

4 types of transportation?

By air, rail, road and sea.

What would be the best way to travel from Germany to South America?

The best way to travel from Germany to South America would be by train. This is because the German rail system is the most efficient rail system in Europe. It is the most extensive, serving the most cities and towns.

Is public transportation available in Chicago Illinois?

Chicago has several modes of public transportation. You can get around by bus or rail.

What are the modes of transportation in the country of Austria?

Road, rail, river and air.

What are the components of public transportation system?


What are the causes and effects of the great revolution in transportation in England?

the rail road

What invention helped the North and South transport gods more quickly and efficiently?

I assume you meant goods, so the most efficient way then was by rail.