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¡Dios! Te amo y siempre te amaré. God!, I love you and I will always love you.

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Q: Dios te amo y siempre te amaré?
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What does Te amo semper mean in English?

te amo por siempre= i love you forever

What is te amo sempre in spanish?

"Te amo siempre" means "I will always love you" in English.

What is the spanish translation of love you always?

Te amo para siempre, Or you may use Te Quiero para siempre.

How do you i love you to in Spanish?

te amo = I love you amar = to love

Te amo mi príncipe para siempre y siempre?

I love you my prince forever and ever.

How do you spell Love You Son in Spanish?

Te amo y extraño, mi hijo.

What is does Te amo siempre y un da mean?

Te amo Sienpre Means I love you forever Un dia means a day

What does yo siempre te amo mean?

It means "I'll always love you."

What does Boricua yo te amo siempre mean?

Boricua I love you forever

Translate into Spanish I love you you love me we're a happy family?

quiero que recuerdes para siempre que te amo siempre, por siempre. always and forever are the same (siempre), so you might wanna remove one of those, so as not to sound too repetitive. quiero que recuerdes que te amo siempre, por siempre.

Te amo siempre que las minas?

I love you as long as you are mine...I think.

What is the definition of yo te amo para siempre?

"I love you forever" is what it means in English.