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Body to axons

dendrites to body

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Q: Direction of the nerve impulse along a neuron?
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What is the direction of a nerve impulse along a neuron?

It starts in the nerve through the roots then the spinal cord then to the nerve.

What is the direction of a nerve impulse along a reflex?

along a reflex

A nerve impulse along the neuron's cell membrane is best described as?

a nerve is best describe as

In which direction does a nerve impulse travel along a nerve cell?

Along a nerve cell, the impulse travels from the axon to the dendrites and then again to the axons through the synapse.

What direction does a nerve impulse move within a neuron?

it goes down the right and left side of an atria.

How are action potentials related to nerve impulses?

The propagation of action potentials along a fiber constitutes a nerve impulse within the neuron.

How does a nerve impulse begin?

When a neuron is stimulated by another neuron or by the environment

What begins when a neuron is stimulated by another neuron in its environment?

A nerve impulse

What are the sources of stimulation that start a nerve impulse?

An impulse begins when a neuron is stimulated by another neuron or by the environment.

What part of a neuron carries the nerve impulse toward the cell body?

There is one way conduction of impulse into the neuron, from dendrites to nerve body to axon.

What steps involved in transmitting the impulse from one neuron to another and then to the muscle fiber?

each nerve impulse begins in the dendrites of a neuron's. the impulse move rapidly toward the neuron's cell body and then down the axon until it reaches the axon tip.a nerve impulse travels along the neuron in the form of electrical and chemical signals.Brain send the message via nerve impulses involving neurons which use the neuro-transmitter Acetylcholine

The message that a neuron carries is called?

*......Nerve Impulse......*

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