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nerve impulse

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Q: What is quicker a nerve impulse or a hormone?
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Which travels quicker through the body a nerve impulse or a hormons?

a nerve impulse

What hormone is released in response to a nerve impulse?


How do cells in the ovary detect a hormone from the brain?

The brain sends a nerve impulse to the ovary.

How is a nerve message different from a hormone message?

Hormone messageA hormone message is a chemical, and a hormone affects target organs and a nerve message is an electrical impulse hormone travels through the blood. A hormone has long lasting effects. A hormone is secreted by a glandNerve messageA nerve message affects the receiver. A nerve message goes through a nerve and a nerve message has very short term effects. A nerve message is initiated by a response to an exterior alteration.

How does a nervous impulse vary from a hormone signal?

Nervous impulse is much quicker. Occurring almost instantly. Where as a hormone signal is a little more delayed. (changing of a males voice during puberty as an example)

Where does a nerve impulse start?

A nerve impulse starts at the dendrite

How is a nerve impulse transmitted to a muscle?

Nerve impulse transmitted through the nerve cells to a muscle.

What is the path of a nerve impulse?

Nerve impulse--> dendrite--> cyton--> axon--> nerve ending--> synapse

The duration of a nerve impulse is approximately?

A nerve impulse is approximately 1 millisecond.

How does a nerve impulse travel?

a nerve impulse moves by a path made by a chemical released by the nerve cell.

What is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter?

A neurotransmitter is a chemical substance released from nerve fiber that helps in transfer of impulse to another nerve/muscle A hormone is produced to stimulate specific cells/tissues into action. it is transported in tissue fluids.

What is termed a nerve impulse when transmitted?

An Action Potential is another name for Nerve Impulse.

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