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discuss the cultural values that are expressed by children's stories

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Q: Discuss the cultural values that are expressed by children's stories?
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How Didi enid blyton became famous?

For writting childrens stories

What is a purple unicorn?

It is a fictional character in many mythological texts and childrens stories.

What can be found in achebe and silkos stories?

cultural displacement

What famous childrens story did Sarah josepha hale write?

Sarah did write childrens poetry, but not stories as far as I know. She wrote the poem Marys Lamb, which was turned into the famous childrens song, Mary Had a Little Lamb.

What are the sources of cultural knowledge?

Previous generations' stories and drawings, and books are some sources of cultural knowledge.

Why are stories from the Iroquois so important to the Iroquois?

because it shares cultural legends to the kids or the people listening to the stories.

What are your childrens favourite story books?

Kipling's Just So stories, and Pippi Longstocking were a couple of favorites.

What got Eleanor Estes into writing?

When Eleanor estes was diagnosed with tuberculosis, she wrote many childrens stories. After she recovered she went to pratt institute to get a degree and developed her stories into books.

What has the author Jenny B Merrill written?

Jenny B. Merrill has written: 'Bible pictures, and stories for little folks' -- subject(s): Bible, Bible stories, English Bible stories, Illustrations 'The childrens Bible hour...'

What are cultural traditions that the Inuit tribe follows?

The cultural traditions that the Inuit tribe follows are dances and marriages.Also, telling stories and believing in spirits.

Who would most likely collect oral traditions of stories and myths?

Cultural Anthropologists

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