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discuss the cultural values that are expressed by children's stories

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Q: Discuss the cultural values that are expressed by children's stories?
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How Didi enid blyton became famous?

For writting childrens stories

What is a purple unicorn?

It is a fictional character in many mythological texts and childrens stories.

Can you give sentences with the words the childrens books?

Sure! "The children's books were filled with colorful illustrations and engaging stories."

What is a storyteller who passes on traditions and stories?

A storyteller who passes on traditions and stories is typically known as a "preserver of cultural heritage" or a "cultural guardian." Their role is to ensure that the cultural stories, values, and practices are not lost and continue to be shared with future generations.

What got Eleanor Estes into writing?

When Eleanor estes was diagnosed with tuberculosis, she wrote many childrens stories. After she recovered she went to pratt institute to get a degree and developed her stories into books.

Why are stories from the Iroquois so important to the Iroquois?

because it shares cultural legends to the kids or the people listening to the stories.

What has the author Jenny B Merrill written?

Jenny B. Merrill has written: 'Bible pictures, and stories for little folks' -- subject(s): Bible, Bible stories, English Bible stories, Illustrations 'The childrens Bible hour...'

What is The Tales of Beedle the Bard about?

The Tales of Beedle the Bard is a collection of five short stories, they are wizarding fairytales.

What famous childrens story did Sarah josepha hale write?

Sarah Josepha Hale did not write any famous children's stories. She was an American writer and editor who is best known for advocating the establishment of Thanksgiving as a national holiday in the United States.

What are good educational websites?

Some good websites are -- Shelfari ( a book website that you can discuss on books) -- Tween Tribune ( a website where you can see different news stories& discuss about them)

Short stories originated in afro Asian?

Afro-Asian short stories have their roots in the rich oral storytelling traditions of Africa and Asia. These stories often showcase themes of cultural identity, social issues, and folklore, blending the storytelling styles and cultural elements of both regions. Through these short stories, authors from Afro-Asian regions have been able to share unique perspectives and narratives that reflect the diversity and richness of their cultural heritage.

What is a feature or oral stories?

A feature of oral stories is that they are passed down through generations by word of mouth, often evolving as they are retold. This oral tradition allows for flexibility, creativity, and cultural adaptation in the storytelling process. Additionally, oral stories often serve to entertain, educate, and preserve cultural heritage.