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Adaptation is important for organisms to survive in an environment for various reasons. The environment posses different threats to different organisms and having these special features is what makes it possible to survive.

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Adaptation is when a change in an organisms that makes it suited to a particular environment. It responds to their environment

An organism responds to the environment by adaptation.

adaptation of the environment is what makes organisms to grow, develop, reproduce and adapt.

It is a way in which certain micro organisms biologically adapt to the environment.

An adaptation can be best described as a change by an organism to make it compatible with its environment. Adaptations usually help organisms to survive.

Organisms have adaptation to their environment eg body of fish is streamlined , tail of monkey is prehensile .

The ability of an organism to change as a response to its environment that helps later generations to survive is called adaptation

The physical environment is important to living organisms because a healthy environment is needed to thrive. The ecosystem is made of many organisms that depend on each other. Each organism plays a role in maintaining the health of the environment.

it is an evolutionary process called adaptation when the population becomes better suited to their habitat.

Adaptation to the environment is fundamental to the survival of a species. Without adaptation or mobility, organisms can be subjected to rapidly changing environmental factors or conditions which can cause their death or the extinction of their species.

A quality enabling organisms to better survive is called an adaptation. All living organisms must to be able to adapt to their environment to survive.

Yes, organisms can react in response to changes in its habitat/environment. This reaction to change is called adaptation. The process of adaptation occurring over a span of many years is what we call evolution.

A behavoural adaptation is how an animal acts in its habitat.AND/ORA thing that organisms do to survive in a particular environment, such as the way they feed, breed or move.A behavioral adaptation is something an animal does to survive, like a bird migrating.

Henry Sloane Halcro Wardlaw has written: 'Some aspects of the adaptation of living organisms to their environment' -- subject(s): Adaptation (Biology)

The characteristic that is of paramount importance for the evolutionary trend and success of organisms today is Adaptation.

It helps in adapting to a changing environment.

It helps them to know changes in the environment

pond organisms are ecologically important because they are part of the environment they help to keep the life cycle going on for a long time with out these organisms other organism might not be able to live in this world. Also some of these organisms provide oxygen which is good for the Environment. So They are helpful in many ways for the environment Thanks.

Scanvengers and decomposers are important in our environment because without these organisms there would be dead bodies laying everywhere on our planet because these organisms weren't there to break down the nutriants from the animal.

Some organisms are better at adaptation to their environment because of their size, their diet, or any number of other reasons.

organisms help theenvironment and the environment helps organisms

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