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Distinguish between water bodies and land masses?

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Water bodies are liquid and land masses are solid.

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What bodies of water lie between Florida and England?

The Atlantic Ocean lies between those land masses.

What is the chemical reagent to distinguish between alkane?

We can distinguish through bromine water.

How would you distinguish between pure water sea water and hard water?

Go get in bed naked with your grandma, and see if you can distinguish that.

Are there other logical ways to draw boundaries and distinguish among terriories in these regions?

bodies of water

What is a gulf?

a narror water body that joins two large water bodies and separates two land masses

Why is the temperature fairly constant for land masses surrounded by large bodies of water?

the water cools the air, making it cooler

What are the differences between lakes and oceans?

Oceans are larger bodies of salt water that are not contained by land masses.Lakes, in nearly all cases, are bodies of fresh water surrounded by land. There are some salt/saline water lakes however, such as the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA.

What are the land masses and bodiesof water that surrounds the Philippines?

Asia, and australlia...... Indian ocean and pacific ocean are bodies of water :d

What is the proximity of bodies of water in temperate climates?

It is the distance is between bodies of water in temperate climates, or one's proximity, or 'closeness,' to the bodies of water.

Between which two bodies of water is the Fertile Crescent located?

one of the bodies of water is the Tigris river

Why does water bodies don't get as hot or cold as land masses?

They take longer to get hotter and take longer to get cooler.

What is a narrow strip of water between bodies of water?


What is the difference between a continent and an ocean?

continenets are large masses of land while oceans are large masses of water.

What is a isthumus?

a narror stip of land that joins two land masses and separates two water bodies is called an isthumus

What influences climate?

elevation, distance from the equator, and nearness to large bodies of water. Prevailing winds, nearness to land masses.

What is a narrow passage of water between 2 land masses?


What is a Strip of water between two masses of land?

It is called a strait.

Distinguish between sensible and insensible water loss?

Noticeable and un-noticeable

Distinguish between electrolytes and nonelectrolytes?

Electrolytes are substances that release ions in water.

How would you distinguish between BeSO4 and BaSO4?

Beryllium sulfate is soluble in water.

How do you distinguish between hydrogen peroxide and water?

Hydrogen peroxide explode by heating.

What are the chemical tests to distinguish between benzene and hexane?

bromine water test

What chemical properties could be used to distinguish between water and gasoline?

water is not flammable to gasoline is obviously...

What is found between drylands and bodies of water?


What are the seven factors of climate?

elevation, vegetation, atmosphere circulation, distance from bodies of water, topography, nearness to land masses, latitiude