Do .12 bbs work better with AEG guns?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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No, they do not. .12g BB's usually have a lower quality than higher-priced BB's, leading to more seems and errors. They also usually have an air-bubble inside them, making them much more susceptible to shattering inside your gun, which would require you to strip and clean it.

You are better off with .20, .23 or .25g BB's.

Even a good quality .12 BB's (rare ocassions) is very easyly blown by the wind, so accuracy will be bad. For shooting long distances, better use .28, and for upgraded sniper rifles .43 is best choise.

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Q: Do .12 bbs work better with AEG guns?
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What is battery powered airsoft gun?

Generally, airsoft guns are divided into two according to its source of power to propel BBs, which are spring (mechanical)or pressurized gas. Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) or Automatic Electric Pistol (AEP) uses spring as the power to propel BBs. AEG/AEP use a motor to pull back the piston, compressing the spring. The motor itself use battery/ies to work.

Can all airsoft guns shoot 0.12g bbs?

All airsoft guns can shoot .12g bbs. However with more powerful guns, heavier bbs are recommended for better accuracy

What types of bbs are better for your airsoft gun?

Low powered guns shoudl use .12 gram or other lighter bbs, medium AEGS shoudl use 20 or slightly higher. High powered spring guns should use 28+ grams bbs.

Can you use caliber bbs for airsoft guns?

you can not use metal bbs in airsoft guns at all. they are not compatible because they are both built differently.

Are 0.2g bbs the same as 0.20g bbs for airsoft guns?

yes because 0.20 and 0.2 are the same even if its air soft guns

Do pellet guns shoot plastic bbs?

yes if it fits but metal bbs cans destroy the rifle

Can airsoft guns hold all types of bbs?


Are biodegradable bbs bad for guns?

lyan feo

Which is better silver or gold bbs?

silver bbs

Do bbs guns kill humans?

Yes it is possible but rare.

How many bbs is one round in airsoft guns?


Can you shoot copper head bbs in an electric airsoft gun?

most electric airsoft guns don't shoot metal bbs. the metal airsoft bbs are designed to be used in sniper rifles not machine guns Yes.. kind of pointless unless you have like a 700fps monster though. Not wise but very doable. Assuming its 6 or 8 mm, depending on your aeg caliber.