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If you into that type of freaky ish then yes! but i wouldnt recommended it

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Q: Do 13 year olds want sex with their dog?
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Is sex dangerous for 10-year-olds?

Sex is dangerous for 10-year-olds because at that age they are not fully developed physically or mentally. Having sex under age is a bad thing that can also get you into trouble with parents and the law.

Are there any jobs open for nine year olds?

sex slave

How long does it take the average fourteen year old to ejaculate during sex?

14 year olds should not be having sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would two 14 year olds be arrested or prosecuted for sex?


What is the cities mayor?

Albany,manhattan, has sex with 2 year olds people

Is it normal for fourteen year olds to be obsessed with sex?

If the person likes,what's the problem???

Can 15 year olds have gay sex If we both use condoms if WE think its okay because its nobody elses buissness and if we BOTH agree and are willing?

Anybody can sex with whoever they want, as long as the opposite gives consent.

Is it wrong for 12 yr olds to have gay encounters?

If you are talking about sex, most psychologists would agree that it doesn't matter if they are gay or straight: twelve-year-olds do not have the emotional maturity to engage in sex. If you are just talking about 12-year-olds knowing or interacting with gay people, then no, there is nothing wrong with that.

Would a 16 year old ever want to date a 10 year old?

no! of course not a ten year old is way too immature for a 16 year old get real! 16 year olds these days want sex , as a ten year old they probably dont no what sex is and probably think its gross, a 16 year old would probably hav 2 be a pervert 2 go out with a 10 year old

Sleepover games for 18 year olds?

Sex truth or dare, which girl strips better,

Why can't 10 and 11 year olds stay in a relationship?

Sure they can, as long as the aren't having sex.

Legal rights for 16 year olds in Australia?

16 year olds can drive with 'L' plates, buy lotto tickets and 'scratchies' and legally have sex. Cannot drink until 18 years old.