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Do 555 timer used to set time?

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No. It's an oscillator.

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The 555 timer is a device that allows you to provide a timing signal to a controlled circuit. You provide an RC or other type of tunable circuit. Once triggered, the 555 will provide an output of a set duration. Depending on configuration, it can also be used as an oscillator, or as a flip flop.

A baking timer is used to time the length of time your food is baking. For instance, if you want to bake something for 1 hour, you can set your timer for 60 minutes and it will go off to remind you when the baking time is complete.

Setting a timer on the Java software platform requires a user to create a new timer object within the software. The timer needs to be set with the time frames the user requires, then the timer started.

Yes, this television can be set to turn on and off using the timer function. Just set the time in the menu.

It does not have timer and can not be programmed to make coffee at same time everyday.

The difference between a timer and a counter is that a timer can be set to record different time intervals. As were a counter only records an overall length of time.

Yes this microwave does include a timer. It also has a special sensor that can adjust cooking time and power levels for favorite foods. Yes, this Whirlpool microwave does have a timer on it. You can set it and it will ring telling you that the time is up.

the capacitor and its associated resistor set the time constant.

with a home lamp timer

The Saeco Venus 40 oz. Digital Drip Coffee Maker has an automatic timer that lets you set the machine at a certain time so you can have coffee whenever you want!

A timer basically does an action every x milliseconds, this could be used to create a stopwatch function. You can set the delay time in the properties box for the object, bear in mind that you put the delay in milliseconds.

Yes, any of the models labeled with "Self Timer" can be set to turn off after a certain amount of time.

Are you asking about the time on the radio or the spark timing on the engine?

You need to turn the timer handle hars in a clockwise motion

can someone help me i need to know how to set the timer on a 1993 Honda accord

The Kalorik 10 Cup Coffee Maker has a timer built in, which can be set to start brewing at a time desired by the user.

I think if you go to the clock setting and go to timer, you can set it to sleep the ipod when timer expires.

Yes it is best to set filtration to a timer.

The timer is used to set the intervals at which the light is exposed to the photographic paper. After the timer is turned on, there is a switch that sets the exposure time. This can be put into milliseconds, seconds, or minutes. Often the photographic paper is exposed for around 15 seconds, though this depends largely on the quality of the negative, style of the photographer, contrast of the print, etc.

LM555 is a timer it can be used for many applications not only oscillators. the timing can be setup from microseconds to hours by the right choice of external passive components. Timing is set precisely by laser controlling a voltage divider as .639. So while the chip is precise the external components are not. but that is used to begin a design.

You can set the timer so it turns on at a specific time, like just before you get home from work. The sleep function is if you want it on for awhile at night when you go to bed - you can set it for how long you want it to run.

A two channel time switch is a timer with two relays operating in conjunction with it. The timer is set to the time correct time, and two time values are entered. One relay will respond to the time entered, and same is true for the other relay. That way, while there is only one timer "ticking", two available switches are available for your use.

One can set up the timer on the Canon Powershot A470 by opening the user's manual, checking the index and finding the page that explains how to set up the timer. Follow the instructions on that page.

Yes, this coffee maker has a timer and will automatically brew coffee for the time you choose in the morning. Just make sure you get up if the aroma doesn't wake you!

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