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African fish eagles do not migrate. They need open water with a food source and a perch.

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Why are African Fish Eagles Called African Fish Eagle?

maybe they look like a fish and an eagle

Are african fish eagles endangered?

No, they are of least concern

What do African eagles eat?

they eat fish out of the river or lake dr.jlterry

Are eagles carnivores?

Most of the species of eagles are carnivorous, although there is one which is vegetarian, the African Vulturine Fish-Eagle.

Where do bald eagles migrate?

Not all eagles migrate. Those that do, have complex migratory patterns.

Do bald eagles migrate or hibernate?

they migrate

What is the African Wild Dogs predators?

mostly lions, hyenas and eagles and fish

When do eagles migrate?

in summer

How do eagles migrate?

they dont.

Do African flamingos migrate?

do African flamingos migrate

Do eagles migrate if they do were?

Yes! They migrate in Forest or the Woods mostley!

Do golden eagles migrate?


Does bald eagles migrate?

some do.

Is African fish eagles endangered?

no they arnt but i think they are close to being extinct!<3 <3 <3

Why do eagles hibernate and migrate?

Eagles do not hibernate. They stay active throughout cold weather. They do migrate, especially if their prey hibernates. Eagles will fly south to warmer temps and areas of prey.

What type of eagles eat humans?

No eagles eat humans. It would have to be an endlessly defenseless one for an eagle to even get close. Eagles eat fish and other smaller animals and creatures.

Why and where do ocean fish migrate?

Fish migrate to the bottomof the ocean the same place where they hybernaite. And yes fish migrate. Cool huh.

Where co bald eagles migrate to?

In America (=

Where do harpy eagles migrate to?

north america

Do eagles hirbenate?

Nope. They migrate though.

Do African elephants hibernate or migrate?

They migrate.

Are there bald eagles in the African grasslands?

No, Bald Eagles are an American species. However, there are Eagles of other species in the African grasslands.

Do eagles it fish?

eagles do eat fish because they arnt no herbivore there carnivores.

Why do fish migrate?

Most fish migrate according to changes in the seasons and water temperature. Some species of fish migrate in order to spawn, such as salmon.

Do golden eagles hibernate?

Eagles do not hibernate. They migrate. If the water and food source where they normally live freezes up, they will migrate south for open water and food.

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