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In every ethnicity there are big penises and small ones too.

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Are men with big penises more confident?

no...!! ....this is not conditional....!!

Do Kenyan men have big penises?

no source (man of kenyan heritage)

Which country has the biggest penises?

A country in Africa for sure. Tribal men in Sudan and Kenya have very big penises in general.

Do Arabs have big penises?

Most of them do, not only old men, but teenagers, too.

Do large men have big penises?

No not necessarily just because you are big doesn't mean you will have a big penis ;) hope I helped

Do white men have small penises?

60% of white men yeah but 80% of them have big personalities & that's what matters.

Do uncircumsized penises get big?

Circumcised and uncircumcised penises can both be big.

Why do ugly men have big penises?

It's just unlucky i guess! You got to have something good about you. ;)

Do gay men have larger penises than straight men?

No, there are men with larger penises than others. However, has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Are most Philippine penises circumcised?

Most Philippine men do not have circumcised penises.

What do they say when a guy has big feet?

There is a widely held -- yet completely untrue -- belief that men with large feet also have large penises. Some men who have large feet do indeed have large penises, but not all of them. You certainly cannot tell how big a man's penis is just by looking at his feet.

Does men with small eares have big penises?

There is no relationship between any part of the body and penis size. Even overall size does not predict how big it is.

Do short men have smaller penises?

Your penis is usually in proportion to your height, but there are always exceptions. You can't say ALL short men have smaller penises, but some do. On the other hand, some short men have long penises.

Do men like penises?

Yes, however for most men, it's only their own penis that they like. For gay and bisexual men, their interests in penises are broader.

Is it true black men have bigger dicks?

Not all black men have big penises. I'm a black girl and I've been with both. My ex was white and had a really HUGE penis. When we had sex...he literally almost broke me in half!! I've dated other white guys and their penises were really big and long. I am completely satisfied dating white men.

Do portugues men have big penises?

Overall they are little below average but that doesn't mean everyone in Portugal is below average.

How big are dog penises?

depends on size of dog small dogs have oversized penises

Is it true that Iraqi men have big penises because they wear those white robes?

The robes have no effect on the size of someones penis

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