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no! squid live in the ocean wile arctic char live in freshwater places


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Yes They Do Eat The Tuna With Pleasure

Arctic Char is a fine food fish.

An arctic char is an alternative name for the saibling, a member of the char family of fish native to Europe.

A beluga eats squid, cuttlefish and arctic fish.

Farmed Arctic Char are fed pellets...of what?

Since Arctic Char has both fins and scales, they are considered to be a Kosher fish.

Like the Brown Trout they will eat small mussels, zooplankton, insect larvae and fish eggs.

Arctic char is a cold water fish with a flavor between salmon and trout. Unlike salmon, the char continues to eat after mating and thereby is a fleshier firm fish that is also farmed for eating.

10 to 15 years is the average life of an arctic squid.

Narwhals eat mostly Greenland halibute, gonatus squid, and polar and arctic cod.

Arctic char are carnivores that require feed made from wild fish -- causing a drain on the ocean's natural food web.

It not eat is like a squid

what do glass squid eat

Giant squid eat there own kind (giant squid!)

ribbon seals eat puffins,walruses,other seals,sea lions,huge sharks,whale calves,arctic dolphins,arctic porpoises,squid,fish & more typs of seabirds

No. Squid eat fish primarily.

How much and how often does a squid eat

Most squid will eat crustaceans.

Giant Squid most likely eat fish and other squid.

It depends on the species of squid. Most squid eat fish, larger species like the giant squid have the potential to eat larger marine mammals. The humbolt squid however, are very aggressive and sometimes have been known to attack and eat other squid.

Yes, caribou are considered to be herbivores. But there is evidence that they may eat bird's eggs, arctic char and lemmings. A link follows.

Penguins eat many different types of squid, fish, and small sea animals. Some of the squid they eat includes arrow squid and glacial squid. They generally eat small squids.

In late summer they eat mushrooms. Also Lichens, reindeer moss, arctic char (a type of fish) and the leaves off willow and birch trees.

Most fish are too small to eat squid. Sharks can go for squid.

Carnivores, because they primarily eat Greenland Halibut,Arctic Cod, Shrimp, and Gonatus squid.

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