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some do and some don't.

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Q: Do Asian men like African American women?
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Do Asian men like African-American women?

Some Asian men would like African-American women and some would not.

Do Asian guys like African American women?

It depends on the guy... but if you are looking for sex in the relationship be aware that they are not as fortunate as others... and remember 7 is heaven : )

What did Marian Anderson look like?

She was a African American women... she is tall and very serious... She was a African American women... she is tall and very serious...

Do jamaican men like African American women?

NO....Jamaican Men like their own Jamaican women.

Do Black guys like Asian women?

Yes, Black guys like Asian women.

Does Aaron Amilian like Asian women?

Yes he likes Asian women

Do African men like African American women?

Yes they do, and a few to some marry African African women, and at times take them back to their countries; although that's the case most marry African women from their culture, especially East African men.

Does Josh Hutcherson like black girls?

no, he is not attracted to African-American women...

What do Asian women like in bed?

Asian men.

Do Asian guys like American girls?

Yes. I'm a white American woman, and have dated several Asian guys. I've known black women who have dated Asian guys. There are always those who like people different from their own race or appearance or other qualities. A black guy could like an Asian girl. A white girl could like an Asian guy, a Hispanic girl could like a Native American man.

Is there a turtle beginning with the letter A?

There are some turtles like the Asian River Turtle, the Asian Leaf Turtle, Asian....etc. There is also the African Sideneck Turte, the American Sideneck River Turtle.

Do Asian men like white women?

yes Asian men like white women, I am Asian and im really attracted to white females and so are my other Asian friends.

Do Asian women like African-American men?

I don't believe that it has to do anything with race, but who you are on the inside. At first she may not be attracted to you, but if she gets to know you she might become more and more attracted. Don't let race or color or outside appearances get in the way. Good luck and I hope you get the girl. and btw, I do have an Asian friend who is currently dating an African-American guy. and they are really happy ;)

What are African and Asian elephants?

African Elephants originate from Africa, and Asian Elephants originate from Asia, in places like India

Do Asian women have bad breath?

Asian women, like American women, Arabic women, or Lithuanian women are all individuals . . . you cannot make a blanket statement that ANY group of people "ALL" do, say, or think anything. That is racist thinking, although I know you didn't mean it that way. (g) For what it's worth, none of the Asian women that I have met have bad breath, although any number of American women that I have met have had terrible-smelling breath!

Do African men like Black American women?

Maybe though because they are both black

What was life like for African American women?

They weren't respected. They were segregated. They had to sit in the back of the bus.

What did progressive African American women do to fight racial stereotypes?

they presented a lady like appearence

What was life like for African American women in the 1900's?

Life for African American women changed over time through the 1900's. During some decades they were treated badly, but as women achieved rights and as African Americans had rights, they were able to do more and treated better by everyone.

Do African men think the same like African American men when it comes to women?

NO, I think people like to group all black people the same when it comes to thinking but it's untrue. africans, African Americans as well as caibbeans may be black but that's where it ends. when it comes to women, African men think of what culture the women comes from and if it's similar to theirs but African American men think more into who is HOT.

Why is it important to learn about Asian American history?

It is important to learn about Asian American because it all started it is diffrent races. Without diffrent races there wouldn't be what is so called the "world". Asian are important in American history because of he great role they play in our history today and back then. Just like Mexican American, African America, Native American, and well American.

What do African Men like?

African women

What do jamaican men like about African American women?

We can take care of home...we baby them like mother, they say we sweet

Baby names for girls?

It depend where you are , what is your background history like you are African, american, Asian or living in another place, your country as well.

Do African American men like African women?

that depends..but maybe they do cause the men is half African...Keep trying girls you will get it some day! don't give up!