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yea they do alot of animals eat brine shrimp!

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No, a flounder eats that.

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Q: Do Bullfrogs eat mice and rabbits and squirrles?
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What are some of the few foods owl's eat?

Mice, rats, moles, squirrles, rabbits, skunks, worms, spiders, frogs, lizards, and small birds. Occasionaly they'll even eat fish.

Do bullfrogs eat mice?

Yes. A frog will eat any animal it can fit in its mouth.

Why do bullfrogs eat mice?

Because large frogs are indiscriminate carnivores, and will eat any like-sized animal. Mice gain energy through eating materials, and frogs gain it through eating animals.

What do tawny owl chicks eat?

tawny owls eat mice, rabbits, mice and rats

Why do bullfrogs need to eat a mouse?

Bullfrogs dont need to eat mice. They sould eat crickets meal worms or most other worms. I Feed my Bullfrog little feeder fish as well as worms.

Do rabbits cause to get mice in your house?

No. Rabbits do not attract mice. But if their food is left outside, the food may attract mice.

What will a hawk eat?

A hawk will eat rabbits, mice, rats really tiny forst animals. There is also a rumor that they eat sprites and pixies.

What do wovles eat?

Wolves eat deer, moose, rabbits, mice.

Do anacondas eat mice and rabbits?

yes they eat almost everything

What meats do foxes eat?


What else can rabbits and mice be besides a herbivores?

Rabbits are herbivores However mice will eat just about anything which makes them omnivores. i dont get it

What do's a kangaroo rat eat?

Kangaroo rats eat rabbits and mice