Do CFL bulbs burn out

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They stop working after 6000-12,000 hours use, that is three years or more if switched on for 6 hours a day. Usually they just fail to start when switched on.

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Q: Do CFL bulbs burn out
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Can CFL light bulbs be used in recessed lighting?

Yes, CFL light bulbs can be used in recessed lighting.

What is the fullform of cfl?

The fulform of CFL bulbs is compact fluorecent light

What is the fullform of CFL bulb?

The fulform of CFL bulbs is compact fluorecent light

What are some recessed lighting models that use the new CFL bulbs?

Most recessed lighting will use a CFL as you can now get much smaller CFL bulbs. The Juno Lighting Group ICPL626E (65$) and the Halo H272ICAT (40$) are both designed to use CFL bulbs.

What is the name of the energy efficient light bulbs?

They are called CFL bulbs.

Where can one find more information about CFL bulbs?

The term CFL bulbs stands for Compact Flourescent Bulbs. You can find general information on sites such as Wikipedia or you can look at CFL's for sale at online stores such as Lightbulbs-direct and LampShopOnline.

Why are CFL bulbs bad to use?

yes and no

What veggies grow best under CFL bulbs indoors?

The veggies grow best under CFL bulbs indoors are herbs and tomato.

Are CFL bulbs autovolt?

No, compact fluorescent light bulbs generally are not autovolt.

Where can CFL light bulbs be purchased?

If one is interested in purchasing CFL light bulbs it is recommended to check out popular stores that offer light bulbs. These stores include Walmart and Lowes.

What can one use CFL lamps for?

CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamp, and they are an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs. CFL lamps can be used to replace these bulbs, and they can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Do you need a special switch for CFL?

No, CFL bulbs are directly replaceable in existing light fittings.

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