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We live in regular houses in large citys like americans

i do not. i like my ice house!

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How do Canadians make their igloos?

Canadians DO NOT live in igloos. We live in houses

Do igloos exist in the Arctic?

No, but canadians live in them.Yes

Do canadians still live in igloos?

well no i live in Canada and well we don't live in igloos. but some people that live up north build them for fun and tradition or like a treehouse! we live in houses, infact we never lived in igloos

Why are Canadians so amazing?

we live in igloos and ride on polar bears to school . that is why .

What is it like for Canadians to ride polar bears around?

Canadians DO NOT ride Polar bears! They ride moose and live in igloos

Who lives in the Igloo?

iglooo people um... eskimos... alot of people seem to think that canadians live in igloos...

Do Canadians have cars?

Most Canadians have cars and no Canadians do not live in igloos. How would I know? I am Canadian and it is not even cold enough in a lot of places in Canada to use a dog sled or live in an igloo. So Americans, please stop this ridiculous stereotype.

Who live in igloos?

Eskimos live in igloos.

What type of housing do Canadians live in?

we live in igloos. city people don't but the majority of Canadians do. we also get dogsleds for our 16th birthday instead of cars. and we eat moose and deer every night for dinner.(that we hunted ourselves)

Do Canadians really live in igloos?

No...We have lots of snow in the winter but we have perfectly normal houses. Ha ha, I love Canadian steortypes

Who lived in igloos?

Eskimos live in igloos

Do only penguins live in igloos?

Penguins do not live in igloos. Eskimos, who live at the north polar regions, live in igloos. Penguins live in the southern polar regions. There are very few people, and no igloos, at the south pole.

Who are the people who live in igloos?

Inuits also know as Eskimos live in igloos when traveling

Do the Inuits still live in igloos?

They never lived in igloos.

What are igloos used for?

igloos are used for shelters and homes if you live in the north.

What type of indians live in igloos?

Inuit tribes lived in Igloos

Do eskimos live in igloos?

eskimos live in igloos from time to time long ago they lived in cave like places so most eskimos do live in igloos but long ago they didnt

Do Inuits live in just igloos?

inuits don't just live in igloos. They live in houses made out of driftwood which are then covered with soil.

Do Inuits just live in igloos?

inuits do not just live in igloos. They live in houses which are made of driftwood and then covered with soil aswell.

What homes did Cherokee's live in?

they live in igloos

Where does people in Alaska live?

They live in igloos.

What did the beothuks live in?


Did the inuit live in igloos in spring?

No because they only lived in igloos in the winter

What is a sentence for the word igloos?

Eskimos live in igloos.A common misconception, taught from childhood is that all eskimos, or Inuits as they should be known as, live in igloos. This is not the case.I want my birthday cake to be covered in igloos and polar bears!

Why were igloos made?

Igloos were originally made for hunters. But now people who live in Greenland, Antarctica, the North Pole and Siberia also live in igloos because of the brutal weather.