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I am almost positive that catholics belive in spiritual gifts. My grandmother is catholic and she does, but do not use this as ur main info. I also have a friend who is catholice and his family does so i would say yes.

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Q: Do Catholics believe in Supernatural Spiritual Gifts given to a person by the Holy Spirit?
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What are the reasons for confirmation?

Catholics believe that when you are Confirmed, you become a soldier for Christ, and you receive spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit.

What did eastern woodlands believe in?

The Eastern Woodlands believed in the Great Spirit which was a supernatural being. They also believed that there was constant interaction between the physical and spiritual world.

Do Roman Catholics believe in the Holy Spirit?

Yes. They do.

What do Catholic people believe in?

Answer:Well there is a lot that they belive in, but mainly God of course, and Jesus Christ, they don't belive in abortions, and they believe that life begins at conception. that's a few key highlights.Answer:Catholics believe in the Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit).Catholics believe and honor the Virgin Mary. Catholics believe in the communion of saints and honor them. Catholics are headed by an earthly spiritual leader i.e. the Pope. Catholics believe in purgatory, which other Christian denominations do not believe in.

How do Catholics perform the trinity?

The Trinity comprises of God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. Catholics believe in the mystery of the Holy Spirit.

What is the primary difference between The Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church?

There are two main differences: 1. The Orthodoxbelieve that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father alone whilst Catholics believe the Spirit proceeds from both the Faher and the Son 2. Catholics acknowledge the Bishop of Rome (pope) as spiritual leader of the universal Church whilst the Orthodox look to the Patriarch of Constantinople. Both groups believe that Christ is the Head of the Church.

Why do Catholics believe they should give charity?

yes, it is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit

What do Catholics believe about confirmation?

conformation is the fullfillment of the holy spirit in your soul and you become an adult in the church

How many Christians believe in spiritual healing?

Most Christians believe in some form of spiritual healing, either through their faith or through direct intervention by the Holy Spirit.

Do protestants believe in god?

Yes, Protestans believe in God who is Father Creator, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit; exactly the same as Catholics do. However, they differ theologically from Catholics in other matters.

Catholics believe that they become holy through?

Roman Catholic AnswerCatholics believe that the only way that they become holy is through the grace of God given by Our Blessed Lord through the Holy Spirit.

Do Roman Catholics believe God talks to people?

The Holy Spirit communicates with people through angels.

How are some ways Catholics differ from Muslims?

Catholics believe in a Trinitarian God, One God but Three Persons. The Muslims believe in One God and One Person. To them, Jesus is not God and the Holy Spirit does not exist.

Do Islamic people believe in the spirit world?

yes, Muslims believe in the angels and in the Jinn. They believe in the spiritual life guided by their faith in the same way they believe in the materialized life.

Who is the supreme god of Catholicism?

The Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). Catholics only believe in One God.

What is transcendology?

Transcendology n. Transcendology - a study of Transcendentalism Today. A tenet of spiritual transcendence that asserts that truthfulness and rationality in religions are truths that can be substantiated by science or those that can not be proven to be incorrect. It dictates that spiritual interaction is only possible between the Spirit of God and the spirit of man; claims of supernatural acts performed by physical or spiritual beings in the physical universe are not prudent.

Do Catholics believe that one has to be born again to get to heaven?

Yes, Catholic believe that "unless you are born again of the water and the Spirit you can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

What happens when men die?

Many believe that physically, the person's spirit leaves the body and goes to either Heaven or Hell. Catholics believe that the spirit goes to Pergatory. Some people believe that when people die, they simply cease to exist.

What were the differences between the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches?

Roman Catholics believe in Papal Primacy, Papal Infallibility, the Immaculate Conception, and Purgatory while Eastern Orthodox people do not. Roman Catholics believe that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, while Eastern Orthodox people believe that the Holy Spirit only proceeds from the Father.

What is the difference between Muslims and Catholics?

Muslim believe in monotheism (one and only one God. Catholics believe in monotheism as well, but believe that there are three Persons in that One God. (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).Muslims believe in Muhammad as God prophet and messenger. Catholics don't believe in Muhammad prophecy.Muslims believe that Jesus is one of God greatest prophets but is not God or son of God. Catholics believe that Jesus is God, the Son of God.Muslims believe in the Bible, Christians holy book, as God holy book. Catholics don't believe in Quran, Muslims holy book, as God holy book.

What is the adjectives of spirit?


What is the inner spiritual strength called?

I am not quite sure what you mean. I am Lutheran (a type of Christian), and I believe that the Holy Spirit gives us faith. In other words, without the Holy Spirit, we wouldn't believe. I think that was what you were asking.

What do witnesses do for Catholics at Confirmation?

Witnesses "bear witness" to the vows you are making. You are stepping into a more mature spiritual life. You will now be responsible to develop your spirituality, with the help of the Holy Spirit. Your Sponsor and witnesses will help guide you to listen for the Holy Spirit.

What is the difference in being spiritual and religon?

Being spiritual means that you believe in the unseen spirit beings, or spirit realm, but it does not necessarily mean you worship the unseen in any particular way. It's more that you are aware of it, and try to live your life in harmony with the unseen forces. Religion is exercising faith in the spiritual beings/realm or the divine, and practicing what you believe the divine would want you to do or how you can become part of the spiritual/unseen realm. All truly religious people could be considered spiritual, but not all spiritual people would be considered religious.

Are Atheist Spiritual?

It depends on the meaning of spiritual. In the sense of spirituality meaning "Not driven by material goals" atheists can be spiritual. They can do altruistic work for low pay, work for the betterment of the poor, do art and music for its own sake. In the sense of "spirituality" meaning to be aware of a soul or spirit, or aware of and compliant to religious values, or aware of forces beyond the physical world e.g. the supernatural - no they are not spiritual. It goes with the world view they espouse - This is all there is. An atheist does not believe in a higher power. People believe in spiritual practices while not prescribing to ethereal spirits. People manipulate subtle energies without recognition of an external force.