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Do Chinese people cook cats?

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  • Long after the war many Chinese restaurants in British Columbia, Canada were fined for serving cat (cut up of course.) Westerners find this cruel and disgusting in their cultural preference and sometimes when they go to Another Country they tend to carry their common cultural traits with them, but not all Asian people eat cat.
  • Chinese people eating cats is simply another example of cultural differences between the East and the West. Eating cat meat or dog meat can be found in many places in the East other than China. Eating cat or dog meat has nothing to do with customs and it is simply a type of meat that can be found in an Eastern meal along with other "normal" meats such as pork, beef, chicken etc. The East, after all is exotic and different even if it is in a way that disagrees with the norms of western culture.
  • The truth is that only Cantonese pepople in China eat cats. Most western people consider Cantonese as Chinese because the most Chinese people living abroad are Cantonese from Guangdong(Hongkong), a southern province of China. They are just a very small part of Chinese people and their language is Cantonese but not the widely spoken mandarin Chinese.


    This is animal cruelty and also at the same time cat eating is a cantonese tradition that some people respect so the thing is split sided - I am on not eating and cooking cats.

  • I find it really very ridiculous for those people who lived in other parts of China to push almost all bad eating habits of Chinese people to the Canton province. I was born and bred in Sua tow city in Canton province, and I seldom see any restaurants that serve cat's meat, nor did I ever taste those disgusting legendary dishes which you people always say! In fact, this sort of weird eating habit is nowadays only a personal behaviour in China; you cannot say that generally Cantonese or the whole Chinese people eat like that. I lived in Canton province for 25 years, dog or cat meat never appeared on the dining table in my family. Only very few people eat cats for food !

    I think the reason that this eating habit exists in China is because this unfortunate land had suffered too many terrible wars , and during war time people were struggling just to survive. In order to fight against starvation during wars , you have to eat every thing that could be eaten, but nowadays there is peace in China so most of people do not eat in the same way they do when they are starving.

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