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Do Chinese people cook rats?

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yes they do

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Do Chinese people eat rats?


What do Chinese people cook?

mostly stir-frys.

Do Chinese cook their own food?

Yes, in most cases. Chinese people cook their own foods like any other culture does.

Why do Chinese people eat snakes and rats?

NO silly they eat cats and dogs

Do Chinese use rats as a source for food?

Chinese don't use rats as a source for food.

Do Chinese people cook with rat?

No. Never in history the" chinese" have ever cooked rat before.

What do Chinese people do to eat?

Chinese people generally work in jobs to earn money. With this money, they buy food. Then they cook the food. Then they eat the food.

How do Chinese people cook their food?

Boil it, grill it, roast it, fry it, bake it etc.

How do you say cook in Chinese?

chao in Chinese spelling.

How do the Chinese people serve their meals?

I'm Chinese and can do a little cook. then we eat rice in most provinces. then we cook food with high temperature but little is fired like KFC. then you can look for more information from books.

Where to find a Chinese cook?

chinese rasturant in buffalo of china

Do the Chinese eat rats?

yes if they are hungry or poor :)

Did the chinese sew up rats asses?

Not that I am aware of.

How did the Chinese cook their food?


Which type of noodles cook faster?

Chinese noodles are the fastest noodles to cook

Does anyone have any pointers on how to attract a Chinese girl?

Learn to talk Chinese, and cook Chinese food.

Why are people racist to Chinese?

Well Chinese People May Not Hav The Same Eyes As Us So..Europe,south America they all hav different Eyes Too Chinese People ThE Chinese People Eyes Are Much Smaller.. I HOPE WE CAN STOP BEING RACIST TO CHINESE! even tho i come from England i feel sorry for the Chinese ppl cos ppl are racist to them (well not all) Btw Chinese cook delicous food lolz

How do rats affect people?

Rats affect many people by their deadly diseases.

Why do the Chinese eat rats?

Because there is no proper food in china like Australia. or maybe they just like Ikey smelly rats.

Why do people think rats are gross?

People think rats are gross because they are thinking of the rats that are in jails and that stuff i do not like rats myself but still they are not as gross as you think

Why do people hate rats?

Rats are pests to humanity, but I personally believe that people especially hate rats because they subconsciously identify with them and see them as a reminder of themselves. Not all people hates rats though.

What is Kolby's SteakHouse?

It is a Chinese restraunt where they cook in front of you!

What did ancient Chinese use to cook their food?

Chinese have used charcoal for cooking for hundreds of years.

Why do some people have rats?

Because rats are smart and play with you

Why do people get rats in the garden?

beacause the rats stole the food

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