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Freemasons do not commit Satanic rituals.

Although some Freemasons are indeed Jewish, there are also many Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, Jain and Native American Freemasons.

There are even atheistic Freemasons, although Lodges who allow admission to Atheists are considered "irregular" Lodges by the vast majority of Freemasons.

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Q: Do Freemasons commit satanic rituals and are they Jewish?
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Freemasons who turns on the lights in my house?

To determine which Freemason is turning on the lights in your house, please take the following steps: 1. Determine whether a Freemason is living with you in your house. Do this by asking them the following encoded question: "Are you a Freemason?". 2. Make an inventory of the Freemasons who are not residents of your house, but to whom you've given keys. This would be a good place to start, as Freemasons are expressly forbidden to commit the felony of breaking and entering a person's home. Just as a vampire must be invited into your home, a Freemason cannot enter unless you've given them permission to do so. 3. Examine your bank account to determine whether you have withdrawn monies and sent them to a Lodge of Freemasons. If you see such regular activity you've likely paid what Freemasons secretly refer to as "dues", and therefore you yourself may be the Freemason who is turning on the lights in your house.

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Are freemasons satonist?

Freemasonry is not a single religious group, nor dictates the religion of its followers. It simply states you must believe in a supreme being. The nature of the Supreme Being is not usually defined on denominational lines, to support the inclusive nature of the organization (in Sweden, however, members must be professed Christians). However some Grand Lodges expect their members to endorse certain general statements about the Supreme Being, such as that the Supreme Being favours good and abhors evil. However, it is usually up to the prospective member to conclude whether, in good conscience, he can declare that he has passed the religious test. People's thinking process being what it is, a Satanist might concievably twist things to believe that he had done so. It would not ever be known to the fellow Masons, and it is highly unlikely a Satanist would join given the nature of the Freemason society (charity, peace and goodwill are a major focus), but still possible. The man would not only have to deceive his brother Masons as to his beliefs, but would also have to have a reputation for goodness before joining. To add to this, The main goals of Masons is to make better men and to help out their community. Masons who are Shriners run the Shriners Hospital which is one of the best burn centers in the world. Children are treated for free! Other lodges deal with other issues. It's like adult Boy Scouts. If this kind of kindness and charity (the kind of behaviour Jesus promoted so strongly) is what Satanism is all about, perhaps we have misjudged Satanism.

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