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Guys make fun of other guys' legs for many reasons. They may find the legs ugly, too small, too large or are feeling insecure about themselves.

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Why Guys make Fun of other Guys legs?

Guys may make fun of another guys legs because they are jealous.

Why do guys make fun of Guys legs?

Guys may make fun of other guys legs because they are just having fun with the guy.

Why do guys make fun of other guys legs but not his arms?

Maybe guys don't make fun of a guy's arms because there is nothing to make fun of.

Why do guys sit with their legs so far apart?

Because guys have things between their legs that they have to give room to!

Why do guys make fun of my legs-?

Guys may make fun of your legs because they are insecure about themselves in some way.

Do guys like hairy legs?

Some guys do. Some guys don't.

Why don't guys shave their legs?

Because it looks ridiculous on a guy.

Do guys like longer or shorter legs for girls?

I'm a guy and I do not have a preference to longer or shorter legs because I like them medium length. But if you need a preference I would say most guys like longer legs.

Why girls legs are sexeir then boys?

Guys are attracted to the legs more than likely because it is the part of the body that attaches to the butt. They are curvey and usually smooth. Girls wear shorter shorts and reveal more so guys are more accustomed to seeing legs than girls who at most see guys legs up to the knee. Not to mention they do not shave their legs.

Do guys prefer girls to have shaved legs?

Yes, usually most guys do though sometimes they do not

Do guys like smooth legs?

Most guys in the US seem to, but ultimately you will have to ask your partner.

How many legs are there if there are 8 guys 27 dogs and 2 rats?

8 guys = 16 legs27 dogs= 108 legs2 rats = 8 legsso your total is 132 legs

Is it ok for a guys to shave their legs?

if your gay. . .

How does Bret hart do the sharp shooer?

he puts one of his legs in the middle of the other guys and twists them on their belly then cross their legs and pulss

Do girls like guys with skenny legs?

Some do

Is it a turnoff for guys if you have body hair?

Yes, most guys will find you more attractive if you shave or wax your legs, armpits, belly, and arms... However some guys will prefer body hair. It really just depends on the other persons preferences

Is it okay if guys shave their legs?

Lots of athletes shave their legs, especially swimmers.

Is it nice to have a hairy legs?

no, guys like to put there hands on your legs so, shave~!

Should girls sit between a guys legs?


Who are the guys in cheetah girls one world?

Chickens with legs and buts

Do girls like it when guys shave their legs?

Some do, most don't.

Do guys like tall girls im tall but no guys seem to like me and i get put down because im taller than people?

sometimes they do becase some guys think that tall ladies are very attractive especially if they show their legs off. hey if you got it you should flunt it!

What is a guy's favorite part of a girl's body?

Probably the breasts or legs. Guys are really attracted to girls who have nice legs and breast. But, you've got to know that it might be different for other guys. This is just my favorite parts of a girls body. Hope this helps!!! I'm a dude BTW

Why is go skateboarding day in June 21?

because turn it sideways and it looks like a guys legs pushing off on a skateboard

Why do guys like brown-eyed girls?

For the same reason they prefer blonde hair, or freckles, or long legs: it's just what some guys are into.