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In short, NO.

Although it has commonly been stated in the past that humans and chimpanzees have 98.5% DNA similarity, this figure has recently been found to be incorrect. Newer research has suggested that there is approximately 96% genetic similarity between Humans and chimpanzees overall.

Of course the fine details depend on what specific chromosomes one is looking at. Although 96% of the DNA is similar overall, there are some very significant differences in some chromosomes, where other chromosomes are nearly identical. Specifically, 18 of the chromosomes of humans are nearly identical to those of chimpanzees, the rest are very different (eg: chromosomes 4, 9, 12, 21, and y).

Some specific examples of differences include:

1) Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes in total while chimpanzees have 24.

2) Chimpanzees and other apes have telomeres about 23 kilobases long, whereas humans are completely unique among primates with much shorter telomeres only 10 kilobases long.

3) The Y chromosome in chimpanzees is smaller than that of humans and only 60% of the genes are similar to those of the y chromosome of humans.


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I was taught by my college Biology professor that it was indeed shark.

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80 %

the other 20% is the same as bananas

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94 per cent

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Q: Do Human DNA is 99.9 percent the same as shark rabbit or a chimp?
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