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Q: Do Indians have a sacrid curry?
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Why do Indians eat curry foods?

Indians enjoy the flavor of curry.

What do Indians eat in lunch?


Why do Indians smell like curry?

The curry smell might be from the spices that are in the Indian diet.

What do boy Indians do?

Eat curry

What type of clothes do indians were?

BRANDS: all about curry, curry keepers, forever curry, curry mart, currykha, one spoon of curry, curry shop, curry and fitch, rivi pants, victorias curry, h&curry, curry vuiton, calvin curry, dolce and curry! x BEST CLOTHS EVER (they are full of taste)

What did Indians bring to da UK?


How chicken curry is made?

Ask the Indians

How many different tribes of Indians are they?


What is the Curryathalon?

its a race that Indians have to make their curry

What Indians eat?

Indians eat curry and still could eat chicken and sheep

When do Indians eat?

They eat curry, rice and soup.

What do South Indians eat during Diwali?


What did plains Indians do with fly brushes?

wash the curry

What foods did ancient Indians eat?

rice and curry

What kind of food does India eat?

Indians have curry, rice.

Why do Indians have skinny legs?

cus they eat only curry

Why is curry mostly used in India?

because Indians like it

What ethnic group brought roti and curry?

East Indians

Why di Indians smell like curry?

Because they eat it.

What effects did the Spanish have on the indiansand what did the Indians have on the Spanish?

tapas and curry

What did the British forbid Indians to make in 1930?


What types of foods do Indians eat on Easter?

I am a Indian and Indians eat there normal food,e.g chapatti and curry.

Besides human beings the Egyptians embalmed these?

cats they belived that they were sacrid

Why do Indians eat so much curry?

It's because I know this guy ye. He doesn't make curry with curry powder. I don't even know?

What foods did the east Indians bring to Trinidad and tobago?

they had doubles,roti, channa, curry,