Do Jedi have to use force to hold down the button on a lightsaber?

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No, they don't. Once you flip a switch it is on. Some Jedi (or anyone who can use the force) build their lightsaber with the switch on the inside of the lightsaber so no one can use their own weapon on them without opening themselves in the force.
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How do Jedi make lightsabers?

Kyloias: The Jedi use the blue or green Adigan Crystals, then surround it with the Force power which makes the wires then force and lock together two small cylinders and screw on the button.

What is the use of Hold button for automatic transmission?

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What weapon did the Jedi use before Lightsabers?

They first used steel swords, then experimented with what they called "Frozen Blaster" technology, but these early Lightsabers were bulky and required a cable attached to a power pack on the Jedi's belt. Further experimentation led to Lightsabers.

Is it bad for the computer to hold down the button to shut it off?

No not at all, the only downside to this is that some settings and changes may not be saved, your computer may think it's been shut off by a virus and prompt you to start safe mode on reboot, or that updates wont be installed, but there is no actual physical harm done to the computer.

In the force unleashed can you have two lightsabers?

No. Most of the game you fight with a single saber in the backhanded fighting style. You can change it's color and properties but not the fighting style. In Force Unleashed 2 you dual wield lightsabers

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How do you use the force in jedi knight jedi academy?

In the Single Player mode, force powers are progressively added on through the campaign, and some powers you can even chose the order in which you learn them by applying a "force point" to a given power to increase its level before the start of a mission. In Multiplayer mode, force powers are locat ( Full Answer )

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Why is Mace Windu the only jedi who has a purple lightsaber?

Actually, Mace Windu isn't the only Jedi. In the graphic novels that take place during the Clone Wars timeline, there is a female Jedi Master named An'ya Kuro (but calls herself "The Dark Woman") who also wields a purple lightsaber. I think the reason why there are only 2 purple lightsaber wielders ( Full Answer )

What color lightsabers do you get in Star Wars jedi outcast?

Their is a varierty of differnet colour crystals you can get. Purple Green Yellow Red Blue These are just basic ones. Their are over 100 crystals in star wars, but most arent in the Game. Your choice will be one of the above. Excluding red. I think...

In lightsaber duelsare charge combos using the force?

Sort of. Charged combos are earned by repeatedly attacking your enemy and filling up the combo bar. Once the bar is all the way full, when you use the Force, you will deal 2 blows on your enemy that will inflict great damage.

How do you choose lightsaber in Jedi?

If you mean how Jedi choose their lightsabers, well they design it themselves. The hilt of the lightsaber is almost always self-fabricated by the wielder to match his or her specific needs, preferences, and style

What is the use of the hold button on a galant automatic?

The transmission is very smooth shifting as well and has a "hold" feature that gives some degree of manual control. I've found it to be really useless to be honest. It does not give truly manual control of the transmission as it should. If left in D the only thing it does is to start the car off in ( Full Answer )

Why does your psp keep telling you to hold the aoss button down?

You're trying to use AOSS to establish a connection, you're telling the PSP to wait for an AOSS signal. You're supposed to press the AOSS button on your wireless router (if it has one), it'll then broadcast a signal which the PSP will receive and automatically set up the connection.

Can Jedi use force choke?

Yes, in the books it is not a defined "force power" but instead an option of their telekinetic ability.

Are force fx lightsabers for kids?

Force FX lightsabers are classified as an adult collectible. Although they are an adult collectible, it would be fine to give one to a child, they just need to understand that they are fragile and will break if used too violently. They're mainly or display purposes, but they can take a hit.

Why does starkiller hold his lightsaber backwards?

Starkller holds his lightsaber that way for a couple reasons. For one thing, it let's him guard his back, but focus on using his force powers. For another, it just looks sweet, and I'm guessing Lucasarts was just experimenting with different appearances. Also, in at least the PS2 version of the game ( Full Answer )

How many jedi have green lightsabers?

Too many to know all of them for sure. But some well-known green lightsaber users are Yoda, Ahsoka Tano, Luminara Unduli, Kit Fisto, Oppo Rancisis, and Luke Skywalker (in " Return of the Jedi ")

Do you need a lightsaber to do the force?

No, because it is the midi-chlorians that enable you to use the Force. The more midi-chlorians you have, the easier it is for you to use it.

How durable are force fx lightsabers?

Very durable, since they are really heavy (take it from someone who could not hold it in her hand for more than a second)

What is the force in lightsaber duels?

A belief in a conection to all living things in the universe. This is like the animistic beliefs of many humans. It is this belief that they are all one with another that allows them to control any object because they believe they are technically that object as well hence the "force".It also just we ( Full Answer )

Why does gravity hold us down?

The force of gravity attracts you in the direction of the other mass that you're being attracted to, wherever it happens to be. "Down" is the direction that we call the direction toward the center of the Earth. "Down" in the USA and "down" in India are opposite directions.

Why does ahsoka tano hold her lightsabers backwerds?

That is just her style. Every padawan has to find the best style oflightsaber fighting for themselves. Hope that helps. UPDATE: Ahsoka utilizes her lightsabers in Form 5, or Djem So,which focuses on a bit more "aggressive" methods, for according toThe Jedi Path book on page 72, it is the most physic ( Full Answer )

Which hand does Darth Vader hold his lightsaber?

In all Star Wars lightsaber battles, the wielder would hold thelightsaber in his dominant hand. For example, if you areright-handed, then you would hold the lightsaber in your right hand