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Yes about 60,00- 90,000 per show

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Do Jon and Kate get paid for reruns?

Jon and Kate Gosselin get paid residuals for reruns of their reality TV show "Jon & Kate Plus Eight." It was confirmed in People Magazine.

Who paid for the gosselins house?

Kate and Jon did but, from the money they had from having their own show; Jon and Kate Plus 8

How much did Jon and kate get paid per episode?

Kate Gosselin is paid $250,000 per episode of 'Kate Plus 8.' According to Jon Gosselin, the Gosselins were paid $22,500 per episode of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'. Opinions from various Wikianswerers: They usually got 50,000 to 75,000 per episode sometimes a little less or a more.

How much are the Duggers paid for their tv show?

Probably the same that Jon and Kate plus 8 are paid for which is 50,000 to 75,000 per show. As for Jon and Kate they make 50,000 to 75,000. I don't know if it is the same though.

How much did Jon and Kate get paid per episode for the first season?

It was revealed that the Gosselins were paid $2,000 per episode for the first season of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8.' See related links for the court documents.

How did Jon and Kate pay for new house?

The Gosselin's income from their reality show 'Jon and Kate plus 8', book deals and speakin engagements paid for their new home and lifestyle.

What happened to Aunt Jodi on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

I heard that Kate refused to let her get paid and she decided she had had enough.

How much is Jon and Kate Gosselin getting paid?

Rumors say the get about $65,000 per episode!

Will Jon still paid for appearing on 'Kate Plus 8'?

yes, but not NEARLY as much.

Did Jon and Kate Gosselin vote?

Yes, Jon and Kate did vote.

Are Jon and Kate producers for 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' now?

Jon and Kate Gosselin have stated in interviews that they are looking forward to being producers for 'Jon and Kate Plus 8."Another answerNo, Jen Stocks has been and still is producing Jon and Kate 8.And another anwerNo. Jon and Kate were never the producers

What are Jon and Kate Gosselin's birthdays?

Kate: March 28th Jon: April 1stKate: March 28th Jon: April 1st

Do the kids get paid Jon and Kate Plus 8?

No. Because they are all family they can get paid 5,000- 40,000 per episode (all together.)

Who is kate gosslin is it the mom from jon and kate plus 8?

Yes, Kate Gosselin in the mom from Jon and Kate plus 8. She is no longer with Jon and the show has been cancelled.

Were the Kreiders paid for their interviews?

No one can say for sure if they are paid or not for other interviews. The morning talk shows (GMA, Today etc) do not pay for interviews, so the Kreiders were not paid for those interviews. In recent interviews they have said that they are not. Kate Gosselin alleges they have been paid for the interviews, but there is no evidence to support the claim. Which is why they have not talked to Jon or Kate, or seen the children for at least a year (If you have noticed they haven't been shown in later episodes). Neither Jon nor TLC have commented on this situation. Jon, Kate or TLC have not commented on this situation.

Is Kate missing Jon?

Kate said she "misses the Jon she used to know"

Did Kate Gosselin move out?

No it was jon -jon is ugly kate was rlly pretty

How old were Jon and Kate Gosselin when they had Cara and Mady?

Kate was 25 and Jon was 23

How did Jon and Kate Gosselin meet?

Jon and Kate Gosselin met at a company picnic.

Do Jon and kate still go to a church?

Jon and Kate with the kid's do not go to Church.

How old was Jon Gosselin when he married Kate?

Jon Gosselin was 22 when he married Kate.

Does Jon gosselin want to be in a household with kate?

Jon and Kate stand together for the kids.

How did Jon and Kate meet?

Well Jon and Kate met at the hotel pinic where Jon works and Kates friend work

Which kate was recently with jon'?

Kate Major

What is 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' deal?

One opinion The whole deal is that Jon is cheating on Kate because he is tired of being known as Jon and Kate instead of just Jon Also, he is tired of Kate being bossy.