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Do Justin Bieber got a baby?

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No, Justin did not get Selena pregnant. So Justin does not have a baby

2012-08-08 16:36:34
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Q: Do Justin Bieber got a baby?
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Has Justin beaber got a baby?

No he does not have a baby. And its "Justin bieber"

Does Justin Bieber have a baby momma?

NO! justin bieber never got anyone pregnant.

What song was Justin Bieber singing when he got mad at a fan?


What is Justin Bieber and miley cyruss baby name?

they have no baby and Justin Bieber hates myley cyrus!

Who wrote baby by Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber wrote "Baby".Hope this helped. :)He wrote it himselfHe wrote it himself

Who feat Justin Bieber in baby?

Ludicrous aka Luda feats Justin Bieber in baby

Who helped Justin bieber write baby?

Ludacris helped Justin Bieber with his song Baby.

What are the lyre notes to baby by Justin Bieber?

justin bieber is bad

What the girls name that Justin bieber has a child with?

justin bieber did not have a baby

Why did Justin Bieber make the song baby?

Justin bieber made baby because he likes a girl and said she was his.That's why Justin bieber made the song baby. love your favorite fan for live!!!!!! sexy beast Justin bieber

Is the song baby by Justin Bieber?

he has a baby

Who sang baby by Justin Bieber?

Obviously Justin Bieber and Usher sang it with him. Actually, Usher didn't sing Baby with Justin Bieber.. Ludacris did.

How do you play baby Justin Bieber on recorder?

I don't know I've got One Direction infection not Bieber fever.

Did Justin Bieber and caitlyn beatles have a baby together?

No, Justin Bieber and Caitlyn Beadles did not have a baby together.

How old was Justin bieber when his parents got a divorce?

they didnt really divorce. the dad left them. and Justin was a baby/toddler

What song did Justin Bieber perform at KCA's?

Justin Bieber played ''BABY''

Who choreographed the music video baby for Justin Bieber?

Justin bieber and usher

Which songs are good?

Overboard by Justin Bieber Love Me by Justin bieber Baby by Justin Bieber Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber Up by Justin Bieber Common Denominator by Justin Bieber

Who sings baby baby baby?

Justin Bieber.

Is Justin bieber had a baby?


Who sings baby baby?

Justin Bieber

Why did Justin Bieber write 'Baby'?

The girl that Justin Bieber likes was playing mind games with him, but he wanted to be with her.

Which has more hits baby Justin Bieber or trouble Taylor Swift?

The most hits is justin bieber baby

Has Justin Bieber got a build a bear?

yes Justin bieber does have a build bear he got it when he was about 16

Did justin bieber got his hair on fire?

Justin Bieber has never got his hair caught on fire.