Do Koala bears have harsh living conditions?

Koalas, which are not bears at all, do not necessarily have harsh living conditions, althoug it is true that they sometimes endure terrible heatwaves in southern Australia, which often lead to devastating bushfires.

It lives mostly within the temperate zones. Its habitat is eucalypt woodland and bushland, but of the several hundred species of eucalyptus ("gum trees"), koalas prefer about 60 varieties, with their specific preferences being limited to a couple of dozen. After that, there are still just one or two key species that a koala population must have to thrive, even if the number of trees of that species is only small.

Koalas live in cool temperate zones, right up to hot, sub-tropical zones. They live in eucalyptus trees and are mostly nocturnal and eat certain types of eucalypt leaves exclusively. They are particular to Eastern Australia. Koalas live in a range of habitats, as long as there are abundant eucalyptus trees of the sort they prefer. They are found on coastal islands, tall eucalypt forests, bushland and low woodlands inland.

Koalas spend most of their time nestled in the branches of their favoured trees. They do not shelter in tree hollows or nests, but sit comfortably wedged in between tree branches.

Koalas are not found in rainforests, nor in grasslands or deserts. These biomes do not support the eucalyptus trees which koalas favour. They are also not found in Alpine or snowy regions.