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Yes, you can use a wall mount for your LCD TV. It will give your home more of a newer feel when you have it mounted!

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Q: Do LCD wall mounts work for all LCD TVs?
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What are lcd arm mounts used for?

LCD arm mounts are used to mount an lcd screen or television to a stable surface, such as a desk, counter or wall. Ergotron sells them for around $85.

Can you buy cheap wall mounts for a plasma and lcd tv online?

There are a lot of wall mounts online for many kinds of TV's, and yes there is a wall mount for a Plasma and LCD TV, there are many web sited to buy them from, you could also go onto Ebay and see if there is any.

Where can one buy wall mounts to support a LCD TV?

One can purchase wall mounts to support a LCD TV at Amazon. Amazon offers one a wide selection, with varying prices. The site also sells other products such as video games.

What model televisions work with the Chief TV mounts?

The company Chief MFG produces the following types of TV mounts: Ceiling mounts, fixed wall mounts, full swing wall mounts, in-wall mounts, tilting wall mounts and video wall mounts. All types of Chief mounts can be professionally mounted by a Chief representative. The representative will tell you if your particular TV set will or will not work with the desired mount. As a general rule: Almost all modern flat screen televisions can be mounted.

Where can I buy lcd wall brackets?

LCD wall brackets are available at many different retailers. Others you might try are Walmart, Overstock or Home Depot and the like. Ebay might be a good source to get some comparison pricing. Here is a like to one other source, TV Mounts Results 1 - 24 of 6346 ... VideoSecu Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for VESA 100 LCD LED Flat ... Cheetah Mounts ALAMLB LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket with Full ...

Does the Premier Mounts PTMB LCD Wall Mount also work for mounting plasma televisions?

This mounting system is designed for any flat panel,10-40 inches.

What type of LCD stands can you buy for a TV?

There are several types of LCD stands one can buy for a TV, but first one must know the size of their television. There are wall mount brackets that are sold that can have the television flat against the wall as well as ones that the television is away from the wall and can swivel around. There are also floor mounts for LCD televisions.

Should my new TV have a TV wall mount included in the purchase?

Selecting the proper wall mount for your new plasma or LCD TV is an important decision. If you purchased (or will be purchasing) a television from a big box retail store like Best Buy or Circuit City, then the store probably carries wall mounts as well. Plasma and LCD TV wall mounts are high profit items for the big box stores. Best Buy, for instance, carries a variety of wall mounts for flat panel plasma and LCD TVs, but they charge $200-$400 for them. Don'tt get suckered for these prices. The wall mounts that these big box retailers sell are the same quality that you pay a fraction of the price at less expensive online retailers.

What can lcd arm mounts be used for?

LCD arm mounts are for hanging your TV on the wall. There's a lot of different styles to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. I found a wide variety here:

What optional accessories are available for an LCD tv?

Optional accessories include an LCD TV wall mounts, ceilng mounts or antennas as found on Wall mounts include swing mounts or tilt mounts and there are many kits for review. Here is a reference link:!493964%2Cn%3A281407%2Cn%3A10966911%2Cn%3A760796&page=3&ie=UTF8&qid=1308331230

What is an LCD ceiling mount used for?

An LCD ceiling mount is a device that secures an LCD television to a ceiling. It is most commonly used in more public areas, compared to wall mounts that are used more often in homes.

What products dpoes UniCol offer?

UniCol refers to many different companies but most likely refers to the one that is dedicated to LCD TV wall mounts. In addition to their various wall mounts, they all sell several security kits.

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