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No. Members of the parrot family, as a whole, have an upper hearing range of about 8500 hz. Dogs have an upper limit of about 45000 hz.

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Q: Do Macaws hear high frequency sounds like dogs?
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What animals can hear sounds with too high a frequency for humans to hear?

Most animals can, but dogs can definitely hear them.

Can people hear all sounds?

No. There is a frequency range in which people can hear. Very high frequency or low frequency sounds are inaudible to us, but can be heard by some other creatures, like dogs for example.

Why are animals such as dogs able to hear sounds that human cannot?

Dogs and certain mammals have a higher frequency range of sound (20000 hz and above) than humans and therefore can hear sounds that humans cannot hear.

What sound can dogs hear but humans can't?

Dogs have better hearing than us. Some dogs can hear way further then humans can. They can also hear sounds of higher and lower frequency then humans can.

Do high frequency sounds affect animals?

It depends on the type of animal. Dogs can hear a higher frequency than humans, which is the concept behind a dog whistle. Elephants can hear lower sounds than humans.

Do Dogs hear high frequency sounds?

: im pretty sure they can hear from 40 hertz to 60,000 hertz. : you are very welcome...

Why can animals especially dogs hear sounds humans can't hear?

because of more efficient hearing power than humans and it is because of the frequency.

What animal can hear the highest frequency sound?

While dogs can hear high frequency sounds, BATS may hold the record. They use high frequency sound for navigation.actually there are 2. dolphins and miceBeluga Whaleand bats

What are two animals that can hear lower frequency sounds than a human?

Both whales and elephants can hear extremely low frequency sounds.

Can living animals hear the same sounds?

No. For example whales can hear infra sound - very low frequency waves whereas dogs can hear ultrasound. Humans cannot hear either.

Dogs can hear sounds from hertz to hertz?

Dogs can hear from15Hz to 50,000Hz.

Can a dog hear thehigh-frequency sounds an ultrasound mashine makes?

Yes dogs can here higher frequencies than humans.

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