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Yes, all Maytag appliances come with a warranty. You can also purchase an extended warranty.

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Q: Do Maytag appliances come with a warranty?
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What services does Maytag repair offer?

Maytag offer a wide range of services. They can provide an extended warranty service for your Maytag appliance. They can also repair Maytag appliances on call-outs.

Does Maytag send people to repair your appliances if they are still under warranty, or do you need to ship them back?

Maytag has certified repairmen that will come to your house to assess and fix your appliance. They will also be able to verify if the warranty will cover the cost of the work being done.

Major appliances should come with a longer warranty.?

Major appliances should come with a longer warranty.

How long is the warranty on a Maytag washer?

Maytag washers come with a 1-year warranty that covers both parts and labor for the machine.

Do Jenn Air appliances come with a warranty?

I do believe Do Jenn Air appliances come with warranty's but it also depends where you get the appliances from. I would be safe and make sure with the store manager that it comes with a warranty.

Which brand of Freezer has the best warranty?

The majority of freezers normally come with a one year warranty but Maytag freezers come with a 2 year warranty.

How long is the warranty on a maytag dishwasher?

The average warranty for a maytag dishwasher is 12 months.

If my Maytag washer is broken, who should I contact to fix it if it is still under warranty?

If you purchased something from Maytag, and it breaks then you should call Maytag to get it fixed because that is the division of the company that supports the product. The other division might only support other appliances.

Where are maytag appliances manufactured?

Microwave ovens

Does whirlpool make maytag appliances?


Who is the manufacturer for holiday brand appliances?


Where do i get my maytag repaired?

You can get a Maytag repaired at any appliance repair shop. It it is under warranty you should contact the store or see the manual about the warranty.

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