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Yes, methodists believe in the "Virgin Mary" as do all Christians in that she is mentioned in the gospels as the Mother of Jesus and wife of Joseph. Methodists accept all that is biblical about her, that she gave birth to Jesus, sang the Magnificat, was present at the wedding in Cana, was present at the crucifixion and so on.

Correction about the Catholics:

"Mother Of God"

Mary's most fundamental privilege is that of being the Mother of God. We do not mean she produced the divine nature, of course. But her Son is God, so she is the Mother of God.

Catholics don't worship Mary:

But it was misunderstand by many when a priest misinterpret what he said about the word worship.

In common speech "worship" means the adoration given to God alone. In this sense Catholics don't worship Mary or any of the other saints. In fact, the Catholic Church forbids any adoration to be given to any one or any thing but God. But in an older use of the term "worship" could cover not just the adoration of God but also the honor given to anyone deserving of honor. We pray with the saints and ask for their prayers.

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Yes, Catholics must believe in the Virgin Mary.

Greeks that are Catholic, do believe in the Virgin Mary.

They may believe that Mary existed, but not as the virgin mother of God.

Baptist insist that Mary was a virgin and that Jesus was immaculate.

Pentecostals do believe in the virgin Mary as she was the mother of Jesus.

Yes, they believe she was a virgin when she conceived and gave birth to Jesus but do not believe she remained a perpetual virgin.

Yes!they do believe because it is said in the Bible that Mary is a virgin when he gave birth to baby Jesus.

All Christians believe in the Virgin Mary. Believe means to think she existed. Now if you mean venerate (honor and pray to), then no, they do not.

the country is 90% Catholic, so those people would very much believe in the Virgin Mary

we believe in God. Jesus Christ. and virgin mary.

Of course Christians believe in the Blessed Virgin, that's how they got Jesus.

yes, only bease of the virgin Mary

No they do not believe in the Virgin Mary. they do not think that Jesus was the Son of God. Judaism teaches that it is a violation of God's word to claim that a man is His literal son.

Methodists are God-believing Christians.

Those that are Christians - yes.

Methodists practice infant baptism.

Factually The Virgin Mary is symbolic more than what it appears. As in Mary is less important than belief in Jesus's Spiritual Father and He.

no she does not as she is an atheist. and believes in no god.

Although the Methodist church does not prohibit such a belief, few if any Methodists believe in purgatory.

I believe it is the catholics.Catholic Answer:No religion worships the Virgin Mary, including Catholics. Worship is reserved for God alone. Mary is honored by Catholics but not worshiped.

Yes we do. But we also believe that Mary went on to have other children with Joseph and that she didn't stay a virgin.

Although many Methodists believe that there will be a rapture, the United Methodist church has no official position on methodist believe in the rapture?