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Not like pregnancy will.

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If you get your period early on in the cycle should you skip right to the sugar pills?

Hi, No never skip to sugar pills when this happens or it will throw your cycle off completely. Continue to take the pills as prescribed. So take the active pills and then the sugar pills when it is time.

When a belt break on a 93 ford escort can it cause it to throw off the timing?

if the timing belt breaks then yes it will throw the timing off.

Did your cat throw up this morning?

No not in the morning but it did in the afternoon.

What happens if You Take all the white pills before finishing the pink ones and then start a new pack before taking white pills again?

If you are referring to birth control pills, they should be taken exactly as prescribed. If you take the pink and white pills out of order, it can throw off your period and not be as effective in preventing pregnancy.

Does accidentally turning the distributor throw of the timing on a 4.3 V6 Chevy?

yes turning the distributer will throw off timing in any car or truch with one

Can a bad exhaust or not warming up your car throw your timing belt off?

NO! This has no effect on the timing belt.

How do you use Throw and threw in a sentence?

Every morning I throw a piece of bread out on the grass for the birds but this morning I was feeling really generous and threw out two pieces

Why is there slack in your timing chain?

Over time the tensioner may have loosened, in addition timing chains can stretch slightly and this can throw off the timing

Should someone throw up after taking to many pills?


What is better for dogs liquid Benadryl or pills?

Pills when they take the liquid they seem to throw it up also with pills you can give more of a better dose and without any spilling

Can you throw the timing off by rolling an engine over on a Mazda RX8?

The timing is controlled by the computer... so, probably not.

Do dogs throw up on their period?

dogs don't get period

Why would someone though up every morning?

Someone would throw up, as in puke every morning if they were pregnant and had morning sickness.

Is it normal with morning sickness to throw up after eating?


Do you throw up during your period?

only if you have a disease or something pretty serious going on with your down there but it is pretty rare that you will throw up on your period.

Would you throw up from taking 2 birth control pills at once?

no you would not

What knowledge do you need to be a pharmacist?

None, you just need to be able to throw pills at druggies.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you missed 4 birth control pills in the first week and had unprotected sex during that same week and now your period is 6 days early?

birth control pills do things with your hormones, if you are not following the instructions properly you throw out the hormonal balance and end up with things like early or late period or pregnancy. it sounds like your period has started early because of the way you did it, so it is unlikely that you are pregnant.

I have taken the pill for 3 weeks and started the new pack today in order to put off my period but have since decided that I want my period so can I stop taking them now without risk of pregnancy?

Tough question with so little information. The short answer is that if you do it right, you will be okay. (Probably.) If you just stop taking the pill and start a new pack after your period, you should be okay. But if you try to use the half-used pack it could cause you problems. Are you on a tricyclic birth control? (You can tell by the color of the pills.) Tricyclic birth control pills are different colors for each week. Monophase pills are one color. If you are on a tricyclic pill, you can not start taking the pack after the your period and expect to be protected from pregnancy. You will have to throw the pack away and start a new one. If it is a monophase, (pills are one color except placebo pills) the pills are still good, and you could finish the pack after your period, but you might just want to throw it away to keep you from getting confused. If you were to use the half empty pack, you would have to keep close track of things since you would be off the schedual set by the pack and have to start a new pack half way through.

What can throw off your period?

if you smoke weed, that can throw off your regular cycle, stress can also

What would happen to someone who took about 30 Concerta pills and does not have ADHD?

You would throw up

Why do men vomit in the morning?

If you throw up every morning, and just in the mornings, you need to see a doctor. The reasons can be many.

What herbal supplements can cause a false positive for benzodiazepines?

Chinese herb pills will throw a positive for benzodiazepines--but it's not a false positive, as there are benzodiazepines in Chinese herb pills.

Are you supposed to throw up during your period?


Is it possible to throw up when your about to get your period?

Yes, obviously you can throw up when you're about to get your period.There's no reason to think that the two are at all related, lots of reasons for vomiting.