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Of course. All Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS Lites. some Nintendo DS/lite games do not work on the DSi, however (like guitar hero on tour) because the DSi has no GBA slot.

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There are 21 Nancy Drew PC games from Her Interactive in total, with the 22nd coming out this June. However, even thought there are 21 Nancy Drew PC Games, there are 24 Nancy drew games in total, because three games have been made for different platforms (Gameboy Advance, DVD, and Nintendo Wii.)

There are 37 Nancy Drew video games.

There was a Nancy Drew party game (board) and are Nancy Drew computer games.

they don't want to show Nancy drew in the games because they want you to have your own image of her.

I don't believe you can play Nancy Drew online but I am looking too.

I actually live in Canada, but I know you can purchase Nancy Drew PC games off of Ebay that are from Australia. Hope this helps :)

actually their are Nancy drew computer games > To buy one, go to The HerInteractive company makes the games. :)

Nancy Drew is a teen detective who solves mysteries. You can read about her, or you can play the games for the PC, Wii, and iPad. My favorites are for the PC, but that's just me. Nancy Drew is a lot of fun.

she is a teen detective that solves mysteries! Nancy Drew is the main character of the Nancy Drew mystery stories, Nancy Drew on Campus books, and Nancy Drew Files books.

HerInteractive makes the Nancy Drew computer games. Their site also recommends and advertises other games, including detective ones. There are also Hardy Boys computer games. (for forums and advice as well as game updates)

You can play a free trial of one on bigfishgames. You can also download free trials of a lot of the games from or buy the downloadable full version of each nancy drew game for 2.99 on You can also play one mini game from selected nancy drew games on website for the makers of nancy drew games.) Hope this answer was helpful.

I love Nancy Drew's books, games and movies\show

go to for free!

The Nancy Drew games are only available for computers using the Windows operating system and are not compatible with Mac OS X.

If you want to buy Nancy Drew PC games, you should go to They have all the games there. Or you can go on and search them. Or go on and search. I hope I helped!

056 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories hardbacks 118 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories paperbacks 124 Nancy Drew Files 025 Nancy Drew on Campus 017 River Heights (not specifically Nancy, but rather her hometown) 035 Nancy Drew Girl Detective (continuing) 003 Nancy Drew Girl Detective Super Mysteries (continuing) 002 Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Sleuths 036 Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mysteries 002 Nancy Drew Girl Detective and the Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Super Mysteries (continuing) 006 Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Be a Detective Mystery Stories (choose own adventure) 049 Nancy Drew Notebooks (for little kids) 027 Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (for little kids) 001 Nancy Drew Ghost Stories 001 Nancy Drew Campfire Stories 001 Nancy Drew Cookbook 001 Nancy Drew Mad Libs 016 Nancy Drew graphic novels (continuing) [Last updated 24 Jul 2009 ]

No, Nancy Drew is an only child.

what do you mean were is the computer in nancy drew?

Nancy Drew was a fictional character in the Nancy Drew series. She was a junior detective-type.

Yes there are, most of them are pretty bad, and aren't by Herinteractive. There are only three plus a Hardy Boys game. The Nancy Drew games are, The Model Mysteries, The Hidden Staircase, and The Clue Bender Society. The Hardy Boys game is Treasure on the Tracks and is the only DS game by Herinteractive. Hope this helped!

* Nancy Drew Movie(Emma Roberts came out in 2007) * Nancy Drew....... Reporter(1939) * Nancy Drew Hidden Staircase(1939) * Nancy Drew Detective(1938) * Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter(1939) (There is also a television movie that came out in 2002 NancyDrew)

this is a picture of bess from nancy drew :)

No, Nancy Drew is a fictional character.

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