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Do Opossums live in Maine?

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Yes they do. I am watching a beautiful full grown possum by my porch right now! -1:45am, Androscoggin County,Town of Lisbon. This summer my yard has many raccoons and skunks; this is my first up-close-and-personal possum experience. Remember to look up; they are climbers, like raccoons.

Maine is actually too far North for opossums to survive, however there have been isolated reports of opossums as far North as Toronto and Quebec.

I happened to look this up because I am from Lewiston and saw a opossum outside. I thought it was my imagination but I see him once a week. Strangely enough the first time I saw him I went outside because I heard gun shots. I saw him running across the street.

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Do opossums live in northern Maine?

no because it is too cold

Do possums live in Maine?

No. Possums, which are quite different to opossums, live in New Guinea, Australia (including Tasmania), Sulawesi (Indonesia) and a few other small islands in the Pacific region. Although not native to New Zealand, the brush-tailed possum was introduced into that country over a century ago and has subsequently become a pest. However, you will find opossums in Maine.

What is the the climate in the opossums' habitat?

when the opossums live in Canada and it snows it is cold, when the opossums live in the U.S. it sometimes is cold but does not snow and it is sometimes is warm.

Do opossums live in the UK?

No, opossums are from the Americas and not found in the United Kingdom.

Do opossums live in Colorado?

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Do opossums lay eggs?

No. Opossums are marsupials, or pouched mammals, that give live birth.

Where in Texas do opossums live?

Opossums are found everywhere in Texas but are rarer in the arid regions.

Can opossums live in Europe and why do they not?

There are no native opossums in Europe, but the North American opossum has spread there.

Do opossums only live in the US?

No. Only one species of opossums, the Virginia Opossum, lives in the United States. There are 94 other species of opossums, and 6 species of shrew opossums. All of these live either in Central or South America.

Where do opssums live?

Opossums live in South America.

How many opossums live together?

Opossums are solitary creatures except for when they have young. You may find a couple opossums living together at a time.

Do opossums live in sewers?

No they live in dens like skunks

Do opossums live in a group with other opossums?

Not in the wild, but they do not mind other animals/opossums if they pose no threat. If you have multiple as a pet for example, they will do just fine.

What omnivores live in temperate forest?


Do dolphins live in Maine?

yes they do live in Maine

What climates do opossums live in?

it lives in warm areas

What diseases do opossums carry?

opossums do not carry rabies because their body temp. is to low for the rabies virus to live.

Where do bears live in Maine?

Bears live in the forests of Maine.

How heavy can an opossum get?

Opossums grow their whole life. Unfortunately, in the wild most opossums only live a year or two. The largest opossums would be about the size of a normal house cat.

How many people live in the state of Maine?

1,316,456 live in maine

Do platypuses live in Maine?

No. Platypuses do not live in Maine. They are endemic to eastern Australia.

Do possums live in sierra Leone?

No. Neither possums nor opossums live in Sierra Leone.

Do badgers live in maine?

Yes, badgers do live in Maine. Some other common rodents that live in Maine include the chipmunk, squirrel, hedgehog, and raccoon.

Where opossums live?

in north and south america only, l think.

Did Cherokee Indians live in Maine?

the Cherokees Indians did live in Maine at one point