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Q: Do People impact mass movement just as mass movement impacts people?
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Did the social structure in the Han Dynasty impact their people?

Of course. The social structure, by definition, impacts on the people.

What impact do tsunamis have on people?

They definitely do not have good impacts on people. when a tsunami happens in a country it kills a lot of people and destroys their homes and their cities.

What is negative and positive impacts of sensory loss?

negative impact on people with sensory loss

What impacts do gay people have on the military?

The only impact is that they increase the strength and numbers of U.S. Soldiers.

Impacts of overpopulation explain the issues in providing food in India?

There are a few impacts of overpopulation in India with food. The main impact would be people are going hungry because there are so many people in India.

How does weather and climate impact the people of Georgia?

i think it impacts the people of georgia by making them actually stay there because the weather is humid and temperate

What impacts did Rosa Parks have on the civil rights movement?

she stood up for the civil rights of black people.

What are the impacts of people who fall for scams?

scams what are the impacts on people who fall for them

Which areas of the business have you made the biggest impact And why?

A business that helps people may be the biggest way that a business impacts their employees. This can give great satisfaction to people.

What are the social impacts of mining for metal ores?

an impact isnoise pollution, people near by might get annoyed by mining,(thats a negtive impact)another impct is creates jobs for people(thats a postive one)

How does tropical deforestation impact on people outside of the tropics?

Tropical deforestation has certainly had a frightening impact on the people outside of the tropics. These impacts include a lack of food and a rise in global temperature due to excessive CO2.

What happened to people in the twintowers?

By all accounts, all people working below the floors of the planes' impacts got out of the buildings alive. All people working on or above the impact floors perished.