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Yes, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl's region name is Sinnoh Region.

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Q: Do Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have the same region names?
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What are the names of the Pokemon on the cover of diamond and pearl?

on pearl, its palkia and on diamond, it's dialga

What are the names of the latest Pokemon?

Go to and on the left find either Pokemon diamond/pearl or Pokemon platinum and choose pokedex under that categorie.

Are Pokemon pearl and Pokemon diamond the same game?

NO (i dont mean to be rude but) they have dif names so they not same they have alot of simalarities though

Where do you get the Pokemon on the cover of pearl in pearl?

yo have to get the first 7 gym badges to unlock the hm's to make your way to mount courenet you have you do double battle with two commanders then boss then you verse palkia Pokemon pearl dialga Pokemon diamond! p.s.their names are dialga and palkia cos dialga begin with d and so does diamond say with palkia and Pokemon pearl and pearl and dieamonds ae sort of te same ting

The names of the fossils in diamond and pearl?

skull fossil and amour fossil

Is there a cheat for names to gain more faster level to your Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?


How do you find ouryour friend code on Pokemon pearl and diamond?

go downstairs in the Pokemon center and a lady will direct you to her and she will give you a pal pad open it and it will have a icon that's says your names code

What is the name of the tower that you find hooh in Pokemon diamond?

i dont know what it names in diamond but the name of it is Tin tower in jotho region. if you really want to know the answer,try opening the website

Where to change names in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

In Eterna City, find a tall building with a sign that says: "Eterna Condominiums - Name-Rating Services Available." Go over to the man at the table who is bald with a white beard and he will rate the names of your pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon beginning with M in diamond?

The video games Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl introduced two Legendary Pokemon whose names start with the letter M: Mesprit and Manaphy. Mesprit is naturally encountered in game, while Manaphy was only obtainable from a special event that required another game, Pokemon Ranger.

What are the names of all the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

The names of the Legendaries in Pokemon Diamond are Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin and the rarest of all Legends in Diamond; Arceus.

All the Pokemon names for diamond and pearl?

Well, no.1 option is to go to and look at the pokedex there or, over a while I will place the names of all I have seen/court. (I have seen the whole pokedex of Shinno but not the extention ones.)

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