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To get a cruise to Disney world you will need to take a cruise on Disney cruise lines. I don't believe they allow and other cruise lines to dock at the park. However you could go to Florida and see the park then take a cruise from a near by port.

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What companies have special Christmas cruise packages?

There are a number of cruise lines that offer special packages over the Christmas holidays. Some of them are Royal Caribbean, Viking River Cruises, and Princess Cruise Lines.

What are some cruiselines that offer Honeymoon Cruises?

Some of the cruise lines that offer honeymoon cruise packages are Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises, American Cruise Lines, and Seabourn Cruise Lines. Pricing for honeymoon cruise packages will need to be obtained by calling a specific cruise line about costs.

What cruise lines have cruises that leave out of Miami?

The cruise lines that leave out of Miami are as follows: Disney Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines. Other cruise lines that are offering to depart from Miami are Azmara Cruise Line and Norwerigan Cruise Lines

What cruise lines offer vacation packages to the Caribbean?

There are many cruise packages going to the Caribbean. Royal Caribbean (royalcaribbean.com), Carnival Cruise Lines (carnival.com) and Princess Cruises (princess.com) are three of the most popular choices heading out of the US.

What are considered to be the Best Family Cruise Lines according to Cruise Critic?

The best family cruise lines according to Cruise Critics are Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises.

Other than Disney cruise line what other cruise line offers family vacation packages?

Both Carnival and The Royal Caribbean cruise lines offer family vacation packages. Both of these cruise lines offer activities on the ship and off of the ship that the whole family can be a part of.

What cruise lines are offering the best cruises?

There are many different cruise lines that offer deals and specials on cruise packages. Cruise lines such as Carnival Cruises or Royal Caribbean Cruises offer cruise packages. Online resources such as HotWire can be used to locate the best cruise packages.

Who owns Disney cruise lines?

Disney Cruise Lines is owned by the Walt Disney Company - ticker symbol (DIS)

What is the shortest cruise offered by Disney Cruise Lines?

Disney Cruise Lines offers a variety of cruises and destinations. I have discovered that the shortest cruise that is offered through Disney Cruise Lines is only 3 night cruise to Bahamas and Castaway Cay.

Is Disney cruise lines actually owned by Disney?

Yes. Disney cruise lines is owned by Walt Disney company. Disney cruise line is located in port canaveral Florida. The president of the cruise line is Karl Holz.

Which cruise companies include Jamaica in their vacation packages?

There are many cruise companies that include Jamaica in their vacation packages and destinations. Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Carnival cruise lines are the biggest cruise lines that include Jamaica in their packages.

What cruise lines does Cruise Direct offer cruises on?

Cruise Direct offers cruises from over a dozen cruise lines including Carnival, Princess Cruises, Norwegian, Azamara, Viking, Costa, Disney Cruise Line and others. In other words, Cruise Direct can book a cruise from everyone from Royal Caribbean to Windstar Cruise Lines.

What cruise lines are available and what savings do they offer?

In a recent ABC story, Disney Cruise Lines was rated number one in customer satisfaction. Other top competitors are Royal Caribbean International, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. Finding a deal for a cruise has never been easier with discount trip sites such as Orbitz and Vacations to Go offering affordable packages straight from the top cruise lines.

Which Caribbean cruise lines are the best for a family vacation?

Look for cruise lines that advertise activities for children such as the Disney lines and Princess Cruise lines. Cruise lines that want to attract families offer activities for children and teens as well as on ship babysitting services. Make certain an look at customer reviews of their experiences.

Can you list some cruise lines that I could use?

Royal Carribean International, Princess Cruises, Norweigen Cruise Line, and Luxery Cruises are just a few cruise lines that you could chose from. You could also use the Disney Cruise liner.

Who own the Disney cruise lines?

The CEO of Disney Cruise Line is Karl Holz

What cruise lines have vacation packages from London to Florida?

Cruise Deals, Discount Cruises, and Cruise Vacations | Carnival ... www.carnival.com/ - Cruise deals, Last minute cruises, cruise vacation packages and international cruise destinations from Carnival Cruise Lines. Book a Carnival Cruise today.

What are some of the major cruise lines running out of North America?

There are several major cruise lines that run out of North America. Among them are Carnival, Celebrity, Oceania, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Disney and Holland America.

Which cruise lines are most popular in Alaska?

There are very great cruise lines in Alaska. To name a few popular ones, you could consider Norwegian Pearl, Disney Wonder, Carnival miracle and Sapphire Princess.

Which cruise lines run cruises to Alaska?

There are several cruise lines that have ships that sale around Alaska. Among them are the Norwegian Cruise lines, Carnival Cruise lines, Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruise lines, Royal Caribbean and more.

Who owns princess cruise lines?

Princess Cruises is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC. They own several cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America, P&O Cruises and several others.

What are some competitors of Caribbean Cruise Lines?

Some of the major competitors of Caribbean Cruise Lines are very well known names. Disney Cruise Line is a family friendly cruise line. Princess Cruises are compareable to Caribbean Cruise Line in the different features that they offer. Carnival Cruise Line is a big competitor of Caribbean Cruise Line.

Where can you find European honeymoon cruise packages?

Most cruise lines offer European cruise packages. If you are looking for airfare to be included, you could check a site such as Travelocity or Expedia.

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