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Do Roman Catholics believe in icons?


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July 18, 2009 3:35AM

Well icons are material objects which humans can see and touch with our very bodies, there is no doubt that pictures of saints don't exsist. It would be near impossible to live your whole life as a Catholic without seeing any pictures of saints or the Trinity.

But we don't worship icons, we worship God alone. We believe that God is composed of God the Father, the one who created the universe, God the Son, Jesus who died for us, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe these three persons make up God.

Icons are only for reminding us of the holy saints and prophets which have done the will of God throughout the ages. They are role models to us and ask of their intercession (For them to pray for us to God).

If you want to learn proof that God in composed of three divine persons, send me a message!