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no By Darklady Horse isle hehe

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Today no.

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Q: Do Romania kids have to wear a school uniform?
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How many kids wear uniform in school?


Do German kids wear school uniform?

manly no

Do french kids wear school uniform?

some of them probably do...

Do Chinese school kids wear uniform?

Yes, most do.

Why do school make kids wear school uniform?

because its a self of respect

Why do Australian school kids have to wear uniform?

because its important for their daily life.

What type of clothing do australians wear for school?

Most australian kids have to wear uniform to school. Kindy, Primary, Middle and High school kids have to wear uniform if they go to a public school. Exeptions are probably some private schools. Being a high school student, I wear uniform, a rucksack and black or white trainers, (such as tennis shoes, vans, plimsolls etc). In the summer we have to wear hats, again this varies depending on the school. Hope this helps:)

Should kids not wear a uniform?

Kids should not wear a uniform because they get dirty too fast.

Do you have to wear uniform in marine park middle school?

yes sorry kids marine park has uniform i dont like it either.

What do french school kids wear?

They wear the same cloathes as in the rest of occidental countries.No uniform is used in french schools.

What is the uniform that the kids have to wear to school in Taiwnan?

In Taiwan, students typically wear uniforms to school. These uniforms often consist of a white shirt/blouse and dark-colored pants or skirts. The design and specific color of the uniform can vary depending on the school.

Does each school have student uniform?

Not all schools make kids wear uniforms. Mostly private schools or church school.