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Do Senators pay federal income taxes?

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Yes. Many of them even release a copy of their return for public viewing.

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Why do you pay taxes?

Because we are required to pay the federal income taxes on our gross worldwide income.

How much will you pay in federal taxes?

If I retire and my income is $4500. a month, how much federal income tax will I pay?

Do senators and congressmen pay social security taxes?

Federal senators and congressmen pay Social Security taxes like anyone else.

What do large US cororations pay in Federal income taxes?

what do large US corporations pay in Federal income tax

Do you have to pay federal taxes?

If you have taxable income, yes.

Do federal judges pay income taxes?

Yes, they pay income taxes, as does every other wage earner in the United States.

Do you pay state and federal taxes on workmen's comp?

in the state of mass no you do not pay state or federal taxes. you are receiving a percentage of your income and it is offset to cover for taxes.

Federal in a sentence?

In US, when you pay income taxes, you support the federal government.

What tax do puerto ricans not have to pay?

They don't have to pay federal income taxes.

Do people in Puerto rico pay Federal Income taxes?


If you're a tax exempt organization do you pay federal taxes?

You would pay taxes on Unrelated Business Income.

What two levels of government do you pay income tax to?

The Federal government is the level of government we pay income taxes to.

What is a corporation that does not pay any federal income taxes?

S corporations

Do alaskans have to pay taxes on gold they mine?

When you sell the gold, that is income- and you will pay Federal Income Tax on that income, just like you pay on wages you earn.

Where does the US government get the money to pay representatives and senators?

From taxes collected by the federal government.

Does someone under the age of eighteen and working have to pay to taxes?

Sure they would be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return and pay any income taxes that may be due. Under 950 of unearned income (did not work for income) would be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return and pay some income taxes on the amount over 950 of UNEARNED income.

How much do the do the federal take in taxes?

The federal government takes taxes on a schedule of percentages depending on income. Generally, the more you make the more the taxes you pay.

Do retirees have to file separation pay on their federal income taxes?

The general rule is: if it's income, then yes.

Do you have to pay taxes on your non-federal student loan?

No, it is a debt not income.

How much does each state pay in Federal income taxes?

as much as they wont.... =)

What type of tax is used by Congress and the federal government to pay for operating expenses?

Many taxes are used by the federal government to pay for its operating expenses. These taxes include income taxes, social security taxes, unemployment taxes, and excise taxes.

Do all workers pay federal tax?

Anyone who earns income of any kind, pays income taxes, unless their income is below a minimum level; in addition, anyone buying goods that have Federal taxes on them also pays those taxes.

What happens if you don't pay your federal income taxes?

If you don't pay federal income taxes, eventually you will eventually be investigated by the IRS. From there you will either have the money taken from you, your wages garnished or you may go to prison depending on the severity of the crime.

Can you Claim state taxes on federal return?

Yes. And if you pay more in sales taxes than state income taxes, you can use that

Do ca teachers pay federal income tax?

California Teachers pay both Federal and State taxes, and we pay the same amount as everyone else.

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