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They live in hollowed out logs lined with leaves and grass, sometimes live in caves They live in hollowed out logs lined with leaves and grass, sometimes live in caves

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Q: Do Tasmanian devils make nests and if so what are they made of?
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How long does it take for Tasmanian devils to make their dens?

Although Tasmanian devils can and do dig, they expend little energy on making their dens. Tasmanian devils often use caves,hollow logs and old wombat burrows for their dens.

What are some good ''did you know'' questions about Tasmanian devils?

Did you know:Tasmanian devils belong to a group of marsupials known as "dasyurids", which are the carnivorous marsupials?Tasmanian devils are not only hunters, but also scavengers, and carrion-feeders?Tasmanian devils are subject to a disease known as Devil facial tumour Disease, or DFTD, which causes cancerous lesions over their face?Tasmanian devils gained their name of "devil" from the unearthly shrieking sounds they make as they fight over their food at night?Tasmanian devils can emit a pungent odor as a defence mechanism when threatened?

What sound does the Tasmanian devil make?

Tasmanian devils are notorious for their unusual loud, fierce grunts and snorts. You can listen to the sound at the related link below.

How do Tasmanian Devils make their ears turn red?

Its ears turn red when it becomes agitated.

Why do Tasmanian devils scream?

Yes and no: Tasmanian devils get their name from the blood-curdling screeching sounds they make when fighting over food and territory. However, it is not a high-pitched screech, but a loud, deep, throaty sound which is quite chilling in the middle of the night. Click on the related link, and the "vocalisation" to hear the sound. (The link does not always work.)

Do Tasmanian Devils attack humans?

A Tasmanian Devil will tackle anything up to wombat size to get a meal. Although they are perfectly capable of removing a finger with one bite, they would not hunt humans, or attack, other than in self defense.

What does a Tasmanian Devils use its body for?

The tasmanian devil mostly uses his body to hunt prey.Its sharp teeth make it easier to chew up the prey, yet the long tail is seemed to be useless. The tasmanian devil is not however, used to cut down trees and such like in the popular cartoon.

How does a Tasmanian devil breathe?

Tasmanian devils breathe in the same way that humans do. The air travels through the mouth/nose, down the trachea, through the bronchi, through the bronchioles, and into the alveoli, which make up the lungs. In the alveoli, some of the oxygen in the air that was breathed in is given to the blood stream, and the air gains the carbon dioxide that the blood stream wants to get rid of. The new air travels backwards through the places that I wrote above and is breathed out the mouth.

Why do Tasmanian Devils live in caves and holes?

Tasmanian devils are usually solitary, and are nocturnal or crepuscular (twilight) in their habits. So it would make sense that they would seek effectively well hidden dens during the day. They sometimes like to rest in sunlight. This may be only part of the answer, but Tasmanian devils give off a horrendous stench, and they don't have to release the scent as do skunks. As a result, it would probably have been a survival strategy and there would have been some evolutionary pressure for them to suppress their scent in whatever way possible to avoid predators.

What do Tasmanian devils eat that are dangerous for us?

They may be dangerous when provoked and can cause bites and wounds to an adult human but are not critically dangerous. They are mostly scavengers and do not attack prey that is larger than young Kangaroos. Tasmanian devils, despite their reputation, are actually timid and shy creatures which would rather hide from people than confront them. They never attack people, but will certainly defend themselves, and they have exceptionally powerful jaws.

What kind of nests do they make?

Ospreys like to make dome shaped nests in urban areas or near the sea, but they are willing to live in a man-made artificial nest, too.

Do Tasmanian devils make good parents?

Yes. The female Tasmanian devil is a dutiful parent. Tasmanian devils are marsupials, and the females have a pouch in which the young are carried for around 100 days, or just over three months. During this time, the baby, or joey, feeds entirely off mothers' milk. The pouch faces backwards, like that of the wombat, so it does not get filled with dirt while the animal is digging. When the young become too old to carry in the pouch, they are transferred to a den for several more months until they are fully weaned.