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Yes of course, they have pets.

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What are Turkish people eat?

turkish delights

What kind of jobs do Turkish people have?

Many Turkish people are farmers.

What languague do Turkish people speak?

They speak Turkish

What percentage of people speak Turkish?

160 million people in the world speak the Turkish and the turkic language(former Turkish colonies).

Do Turkish people eat turkey?

Turkish people do eat turkey if they please. Turkish people have the same diets as any other people that live anywhere else in the world.

What languages are spoken in Ankara Turkey?

The main language in Ankara, Turkey is Turkish.

What is the difference between kurdish and Turkish?

Turkish people are from Turkey Kurdish people are from kurdistan =]

Why don't Turkish people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Because Turkish people are afraid of dieing.

Are Turkish people nice?

the answer to are Turkish people nice can not be answered because, it is like saying are English people nice,some may be robbers and stuff. but overall Turkish people are nice

What do turkish people where?

do you mean "what do turkish people wear"? They wear clothes like everybody else.

Do Turkish people need visa for Tunisia?

No. Turkish people doent need visa to Tunisia

What is the word for road in Turkish?

for road, Turkish people say "yol"

Where is Turkish from?

Turkish people are from the Country Turkey. it is a country connecting Europe and Asia.

Does hrithik roshan like Turkish people?

Nope. Turkish people stole his wifi and gave it to the chinese for christmas.

Why some Turkish people hate Syrian?

Some Turkish people hate Syria because of the government in Syria.

Is the Turkish empire the same as the ottoman empire?

Yes, Turkish people were in the Ottoman empire.

Is ozlem yilmaz Muslim?

yes she is she is Turkish and 99.9 percent of Turkish people are Muslims

Do Turkish people eat dogs?

No. Traditionally, Turkish are Muslims and are forbidden from eating dogs.

What do Turkish people eat for Christmas?

Turkish people are mostly Muslim so There is no Christmas for them. Turkish people celebrate new year but it's not so much important thing that having something speacial for Christmas in dinner.

What other language does Turkish people speak?

Some Turkish people can speak English, mostly the ones that live in America. But some Turkish people can also speak Kurdish, another type of language spoken in Turkey.

What Nationality are people from Cyprus or Cypriots Eg Greek or Turkish?

They are both because Greek Cypriots sometimes speak Turkish and Turkish Cypriots sometimes speak Greek. But Turkish Cypriots always have a different accent to people from Turkey because they don't like to think of themselves as Turkish people, they think of themselves as Cypriot's. Greek Cypriots are the same.

What are the people in turkey called?

They are called Turkish people.

Do Turkish people have the same drinks as English people?


How many people are happy with pets than without pets?

Out of all the people who has pets, 70% of the people love living with pets and 30% don't.

Why do Turkish and Kurdish people always fight?

because in the past Turkish people thought there was better then kurdish people with kurdish people didnt like soo they fell out