Do United Profit sharing corporation coupons have any value?

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Do United Profit-Sharing Corporation Coupons have any value from National Grocery Company, New York, NY. Are these coupons collectible? Should these be archived somewhere? Seeking an answer and/or guidance. Thank you.
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What is profit sharing?

Answer . The advantages of profit sharing in companies is a system where employees receive a portion of the company's profits and staff is in the same position as shareholders. The Advantages are improved loyalty to the company and mesh Management with Staff. The employees are more willing to acc ( Full Answer )

What is a united profit sharing corporation coupon?

Are they worth any money? . These coupons were given when gasoline was purchased back in the1930's. You could order items from a catalog (just like grocerystore stamps). I have an invoice dated 9/3/41 for an 'ICE CUBEBREAKER' sent by Bennett Brothers, Inc, 485 Fifth Avenue, New York,NY (invoice N15 ( Full Answer )

How much is a united profit sharing coupon worth?

I also have one which was inside a package of Queen Regent Toilet Soap made by Swift & Company. I believe this soap package dates from the 1910's, judging by the piture on the box. I too would like to know if there is any value, collector or otherwise.

What is a profit sharing lease?

A profit sharing lease is an agreement between a landowner and afarm operator. This agreement basically states they will worktogether to make money from the land.

Can a non-profit corporation have an owner?

Actually, with nonprofits there is a way for say the founder to make sure they can't be voted out or that the board doesn't decide to go another direction. When the bylaws are written it is possible to have one or more of the board members assigned the voting rights. Almost like a for profit can hav ( Full Answer )

What is maximizing corporate profits?

Maximizing corporate profits is a kind of idea which is simple,obvious and straightforward. To maximize a profit is to squeeze inas much value of a certain resources as possible.

What is a non profit corporation?

A corporation that enjoys all the rights of a corporation, but without a profit goal. Most charities, educational institutions, home owner associations and so forth, are non-profit corporations. Mcclarty- most non-profits do, and must, have a profit goal in order to sustain. It usually is not thei ( Full Answer )

Who is the manager a non profit corporation?

The manager of a nonprofit organization is typically called the Executive Director. Recently, they are being called CEOs, though. The two are interchangeable, unless someone is really picky. Depending on the size of the nonprofit, there may be other "managers". Some include Development Managers ( ( Full Answer )

Share of corporations profits paid to the corporations stockholders?

Between 40 and 90 percent of profits go to stock holders as Dividends. This mostly depending on how corporate by laws set up the corporate organization, also what type of federal welfare the corporation takes part in can also play a part. Oh forgot! Reinvestment of profits also plays a major fact ( Full Answer )

What shared values unite Americans and provide the nation with a national culture?

We first need to understand that most human values are universal. This change in thinking is a prerequisite for advancing any discussion of "shared values". Many writers and researchers are finally coming to this conclusion and articulating it without fear of shame or ridicule. Even the United Natio ( Full Answer )

You have some southern oil stores profit sharing coupons each coupon is equal to two and one half coupons are they worth anything and who would you contact?

Southern Oil Stores was a Jacksonville, FL based gasoline marketer that was founded in 1929 or so, and operated stations as far west as Jackson, MS and as far north as Richmond, VA. They used the United coupon program, along with other retailers (worked like S&H Green Stamps) from at least the early ( Full Answer )

Why do coupons have cash value?

Back in the Late 1950s early 1960s as kids we would receive cash from stores with coupons. Coupons were only worth about 1-5 cents then but with 25 cents you could buy a lot, so coupons were a way to support your ice cream cone habit etc.

Who made profit sharing?

Nobody really made profit sharing. Profit sharing is an idea thatblossomed because it was the most efficient way of moving forward.

Can you borrow from a profit sharing plan?

Yes-some plans permit withdrawals after you've attained at 59½, or after you've been a participant for some specified period of time (usually at least five years), or in the event of a financial hardship. (As an alternative to a taxable withdrawal, you may be able to borrow up to 50 percent of yo ( Full Answer )

What is a domestic profit corporation?

A domestic profit corporation is one that aims to generate profits for it's shareholders more so than it's directors or officers. Shareholders have control by electing the directors and officers who run the business day to day.

Value of one share of tosco corporation?

Tosco was an oil corporation that was in business from the 1940sthrough the 2000s, when they merged with Philips Petrolium, whicheventually became ConocoPhillips Corporation. Tosco stock would nowbe ConocoPhillips stock, so the value of one share would beslightly below 81 dollars.

What is the intangible Market value of a corporate share?

Some assets that cannot be seen or felt by people, such as brand names. An example is when you can buy 2 shoes at the same price and of the same quality, so a normal person will buy a NIKE shoe instead of a shoe that does not have a brand.

How are corporate profits taxed?

Earnings are taxed first as corporate profits, then as personal income after dividends are paid.

How do corporations increase their profits?

the majority of corporations increase their profits by any means that includes breaking human rights laws paying people lower wages and getting things that they need made cheaper in third world countries.

What are the shared beliefs and values that unite americans?

Americans are united by their belief in the rights given to them bythe Bill of Rights. The rights include the ability to havereligious freedom. They also value the ability to voice theiropinion in elections at all levels without fear of rejectionbecause of race or gender.

Do you offer any store coupons?

Try this this site.They send coupons every day anything you want.They even pay you to tell others

What is profit maximization of corporation?

Profit Maximization is a process that companies undergo to determine the best output and price levels in order to maximize its return. Companies usually adjust production costs, sale prices, and output levels as a way of reaching its profit goal. Profit maximization is a good thing for a company, ( Full Answer )

How do private companies share profit?

They do not have to share their profit. They are private companies. The owner is able to do as he wishes with this profit. To an extent. A portion of this profit (anywhere from 7 to 80%) may be taken in taxation and redistributed as the Government sees fit Privately held companies try to not s ( Full Answer )

What is profit-sharing bonus?

Profit-sharing is a way of making money out of a business venture. Different people invest capital or ideas or labour into the project. Whatever profits result from the venture are shared out among all of them. A profit-sharing bonus would be a bonus received from profit-share, presumably because t ( Full Answer )

What is a not-for-profit corporation?

Not-for-profit corporations, formed under the nonprofit laws of their respective states, have members instead of stockholders. Any income made cannot be distributed to the members.

Are there any coupons for pottery barn?

At the moment no, but if you constantly check their website and other websites then you will be able to find some. Also, they are having a free shipping and 40% of sale (summer sale).

Are there any coupon codes for

Currently, has a free shipping offer for free shipping on orders over $49.00. Use the code SHIP49 for this offer. Also, there is free shipping to your local store by using the code FREESHIP.

What is the coupon value?

The coupon value is usually 1/000 of a cent. They can also be 1/20 or 1/1000 of a cent. The face value is how much the coupon takes off your bill.

What are undistributed corporate profits called?

Undistributed corporate profits are also called IENR i.e. Income earned but nor receieved. These are the profits that shareholders may earn but will not receieve in their salary. Even I just read about it somewhere so I am guessing it is something like the deductions that are made in your salary apa ( Full Answer )

When are shares of the profits paid to customers?

When your waitress forgets to charge you for extra cheese. Answer: Customers often get money back through "loyalty points" programs either through credit card companies or through eating establishments. A frequent use of this is the "coffee card" program at coffee shops where each purchase gets ( Full Answer )

Are there any coupons for an iPad?

Your local store is unlikely to offer any coupons for a discount on iPads, since the profit margin for these devices is essentially nil. You may some accessories such as cases, stands and speakers on sale, however.

How do you account for shareholders profit sharing?

you divide the total money the company has by the amount of shares that have been sold to get the share value, then you dish that out and then it is the shareholders money and they can do what they want with it

Is an S Corporation a Non Profit?

No, the S Corporation is a profit corporation. Whenever they makeloses or profits, it is usually divided among the shareholders.