Carbohydrates and Low-Carb Diets

Do Weetabix contain carbohydrates?

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Yes, Weetabix it is a cereal and high in carbohydrates.

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Carbohydrates contain nitrogen?

No, Carbohydrates do not contain nitrogen. proteins do.

Do fruit juices contain carbohydrates?

Yes, fruit juices contain carbohydrates. Some contain more carbohydrates than other do just as some fruits contain more carbohydrates than others do.

Do carbohydrates always contain carbon hydrogen and oxygen?

yep!! CARBOhydrades contain carbon, carboHYDRates contain hydrogen and carbohydrATES conain oxygen=)

Do carbohydrates contain carbon?

Yes, carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Do carbohydrates frequently contain sulfur?

no. Carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Does lemonade have carbohydrates?

Lemonade do contain carbohydrates.

What is the plural of weetabix?

One matrix. Two matrices. One weetabix. Two weetabix

What is a protein for carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are molecules that contain C, H, O. Proteins normally contain chains of amino acids. Carbohydrates are not proteins. Proteins are not carbohydrates.

Why does inorganic carbohydrates not contain carbon?

There are no inorganic carbohydrates!.

What do carbohydrates contain?

Carbohydrates contain two food groups 1. sugar 2. fibre.

Does carbohydrates contain water?

No. Carbohydrates do contain hydrogen and oxygen, but not in the form of individual water molecules.

Which food group contain the most carbohydrates?

Grains contain the most carbohydrates out of the food groups.

What elements contain carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are made up of elements, not the other way around. The elements that carbohydrates contain are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Will you lose weight if you eat only Weetabix for a week?

That depends on how well you tolerate refined (processed) carbohydrates. If I ate Weetabix for one week (even without sugar or milk) I would gain weight. For more information about refined ( processed) carbohydrates, see the page links, further down his page, listed under Related Questions.

Is carbohydrates an example of a protein?

Carbohydrates are molecules that contain C, H and O. Proteins normally contain chains of amino acids. Carbohydrates are not proteins.

Does all foods contain carbohydrates?

no, not all foods have carbohydrates lot of meats do not have carbohydrates.

What foods contain the most carbohydrates?

chocolate has the most carbohydrates.

What are carbohydrates formed from?

Carbohydrates contain carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

Does Gatorade contain carbs?

Gatorade does contain carbohydrates

Do nucleotides contain lipids?

No. Nucleotides contain carbohydrates.

What food group is Weetabix in?

Weetabix cereal is a grain product.

What is the population of Weetabix Limited?

Weetabix Limited's population is 2,000.

What element does protein contain that fats and carbohydrates don't?

Proteins contain Nitrogen and sulpher which is absent in carbohydrates and fats .

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